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Niniek L. Karim Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Niniek L. Karim was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is a graduate of Kitia Sofia University and is originally from France. Niniek received her first degree in chemistry from the University of Paris. After that she worked for many years in Indonesia, but is now a proud Australian and the proud mother of three children. Niniek has portrayed many characters in her film career including a vampire in the movie “Vampire Loves Me”.

Niniek was nominated for a Cinta Bertasbih (Citrus Award) for Best Supporting Actor in 1998 for her role as Jafar, the evil King of Mindana in the movie “Caribbean”. After that role, Niniek went on to play the evil Queen in “Beethoven”, “The Secret of St. John’s”, “Lawrence of Arabia” and “uther Science” and then went on to play the evil Queen in the movie “Psycho” as well as many other films. Niniek has also been nominated several times for CEA (Cinema Editors) for her work on film.

Recently Niniek received the best supporting actress award at the 2023 Satellite Awards. Prior, to that honor she also received the best actress award at the MTV Movie Awards. From her movie career Niniek has been involved with several other projects such as the TV series “That wasn’t there” which featured Carla Gannaberg, and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” which was directed by David Fincher. Other than those two movies Niniek has had various screenplays written about her life. These are written by her son Michael.

The movie “Ketika Cinta Bertas II” is a sequel of the movie “Ketika Cinta Bertas” which was also produced by Niniek. The new movie revolves around a group of women in the late twenties who travel together in a van. Once they encounter an old woman who can take them to a house called “The Farm”. In this movie the original “Ketika Cinta Bertas” is played by Saleh.

Real Name Niniek L. Karim
Date of Birth Jan 14, 1949
Place of Birth Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
Age 72

Another award that Niniek received recently was the best supporting actress award at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. This award is given by the jury to Saleh Kebbi for his role as Saleh, the brother of the late Saleh Kebbi. Niniek received the same award for her performance as Mrs. B. Dabbar.

In the month of March, Niniek was nominated for the same award at the World Festival Theatre Awards which is commonly referred to as the WTA. She lost out toamide for the same role in the same festival. This is a good sign for Niniek as she has certainly established herself as one of the best actresses working in Hollywood today. Her two previous films “Yeh” and “Nanban”, did not perform well at the box office but at the film festival, Saleh was able to garner a number of awards and accolades including the best supporting actress award for her role as Saleh Kebbi in the film “Yeh”. Niniek has also been nominated for an award at the Venice Film Festival for her role in the film “Inconceivable”. Niniek is definitely on the path to stardom and is just starting to scratch the surface of her incredible resume.


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