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Nithya Menen Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Nithya Menen, better known as Nithya Menen, is an Indian film actress and singer that hailing from Andhra Pradesh in India. Nithya Menen first became famous when she was cast in the Hindi movie, Kaal Bhairat. She played the role of an enchantress in this movie and soon gained a number of admirers for her work. Later on, she went onto to star in several films like Madhumati, Khaleja, Jai Jawan, Pazhikode, Kannada, and Velayudham. In recent times, Nithya Menen has shifted focus from acting to singing, due to her desire to become a pop singer. She has released several hit singles, including One and Only, Welcome, My Love, Smile, and Welcome Here Now.

Nithya Menen was born in Andhra Pradesh in the year nineteen seventy-two. Nithya Menen first acted in her early years of life, which led to her being cast in some films in the Kerala State. She then appeared in many popular movies in the sixties and seventies. Nithya Menen has gone on to act in films made in other parts of the country, apart from her native state of Kerala.

Name Nithya Menen
Real Name Nithya
Pet / Nick Name No Such
Sex Female
Nationality Indian
Profession Film Actress, Playback Singer
Origin Not Known
Nithya Menen Age (Current) 32 years, 11 month, 21 days
Date Of Birth (DOB) 04/08/1988 (M/D/Y) (M/D/Y)
Birthplace Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Zodiac Sign Not Sure
Star Sign (Nakshatra) Not Sure

Nithya Menen first came to the notice of the Indian film industry when she appeared in the English film, The Monkey Who Saved Me, which was directed by Michael Caine. The film was a box office hit, which led to the release of a sequel, The Monkey That Saved Me Again (199806), starring Nithya Menen again. In this sequel, Nithya plays the role of the original character, which was played by Ranbir Kapoor earlier. She also has one more film in the pipeline, which is in the form of a remake of the Hindi movie, Jungle Raj (2023).

Nithya Menen’s other film that made waves in the Indian film industry was Kismet Konnections (199705), which costarred Manish Malhotra. This romantic comedy/horror film, which depicts the life of a married woman in the rural background of Kerala, became an instant hit in India and was a surprise hit at the box office. Nithya Menen’s other notable work includes the Hindi movie, Krantipad (aka Kismet), which was based on the novel of the same name. In this film, Nithya Menen again plays the role of a married woman who falls in love with a younger man from her village. The Hindi title of the film suggests that the character was meant to be a reference to the Kismet festival.

Nithya Menen has been busy since her early days in Bollywood, in both her acting and directing roles. In between her stints in Bollywood, she has also done some work in mainstream cinema, notably in Raavanan (also in English), Sholay (which she did not score a single hit in), Om Shanti Om (also did not score a hit), and Dil Barajan’s Kismet. However, when Nithya Menen returned to her hometown of Kerala to direct a web series entitled Oh Priyya Priya (based on the novel Oh Po Ram) for the first time, it received warm welcome by critics across the board. Nithya Menen, who has previously directed a web series entitled Karan Johar, managed to create a complex plot with a supporting cast consisting of an aging actress and a violin player. The story revolves around a love affair between an Indian farmer and a British expatriate, which take a twist when the farmer dies and his widow goes on a killing spree.

Nithya Menen also managed to win over the audience with her directing skills. She chose an ensemble cast comprised of popular actresses, all of whom – with one exception – were household names in India. And she was able to connect with the core audience better than any other directorial effort from India before or since. Nithya Menen has bagged her second Oscar nomination, for Best Director; this is the second Best Director award she has garnered outside of her two earlier films.


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