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Nivetha Thomas Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Nivetha Thomas was born in Pitampura, India and grew up in Singapore. Her younger brother is Jofrid. Nivetha Thomas was known as Nivetha during her childhood days. She went on to become a popular singer and actress in Telugu film industry. She gained fame with her role in the movie “Chaka Khan: Here There And Everywhere” that was released in 1992. She later went on to act in some more movies in the genre.

Nivetha Thomas was born in Pitampura, India where her father was a well to do judge. Nivetha was a bright child who was very much interested in theatre and other drama related activities. She began to learn the Hindi language at a very early age of two from her father who was a proficient language speaker. In her early years of college, Nivetha Thomas did not have any major breakthroughs in her acting career. But she did manage to get into some small acting classes that led to her being called in a few here there and everywhere movies during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Name Nivetha Thomas
Real Name Nivetha Thomas
Pet / Nick Name No Such Pet Names Yet
Sex Female
Nationality Indian
Profession Actress
Origin Not Sure
Nivetha Thomas Age (Current) 25 years
6 months
2 days
Date Of Birth (DOB) 11/02/1995 (M/D/Y) (M/D/Y)
Birthplace Kannur, Kerala
Zodiac Sign Not Sure
Star Sign (Nakshatra) Not Sure

Nivetha Thomas biography is chronicled in her many accolades and awards-winning movies. She was nominated for the Golden Globe Awards for Rajneeti, Bombay, Kismet and Bharat Natyam. She later won the Oscar for her role in Rajneeti. Other awards that Nivetha Thomas has garnered include the Satellite Awards for Best Music, Best Director and Special Effects – all for her work in Tamil cinema.

Nivetha Thomas married Tamil Nadu’s first President Thiruvallam Alaiyar in March 1996. She was thirty years old at the time of their marriage and was known as a rather combative personality. She contested the election to become the first female Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. She was seventy when she decided to call it quits from politics. Her official biographer, Ravi Subramaniam, says that Nivetha Thomas was extremely close to her late husband.

Nivetha Thomas was born in Kathu in the state of Tamilnadu in India. She was a talented actress whose best feature was her memorable role in the Telugu film Baahubali. She went on to act in several other award-winning films including Tamil Naidu, Karuvallam, Pudina, Magadheera, Kamal Adiyath, Tintin, etc. She later went on to act in the hit movie Mankatha. Nivetha Thomas was married to the famous Malayalam artist M.S. Rajamouli. There are several stories about how Nivetha met her husband and how she fell in love with him.

Nivetha Thomas passed away at the a clinic in Chennai after suffering a stroke. According to the Nivetha’s biography, she was shot by unidentified assailants on the 16th of February 2023. She was seventy-one at the time of her death. The press reported that Nivetha Thomas had been on life support for twenty-three days before succumbing to her stroke. Her husband M.S. Rajamouli is reported to be very happy that Nivetha was declared deceased by the Supreme Court just hours before her scheduled funeral.

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