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NoahMadeSMK, known as Noah Mail, is an American rapper well-known for his controversial videos and music. Noah is a member of the crew called the Noah’s Ark Crew along with rappers Eazy-E and Scarface. Noah has several videos that made the rounds on YouTube and other video sites, such as; “Take Me to the River”,” Noah’s Ark”, and “I’m Going to Block My Number.” Noah made his debut in the music industry when he was young, rapping for friends at age 14. He released his first song as a freestyle during his birthday party, “Wake Up to the Sound,” which led to a songwriting contract with a then unknown rapper named Jay Z.

NoahMakesMicK was born in the US and raised in the suburbs of Milwaukee. Noah is well known for his controversial video clips, such as; “Take Me to the Bank,” ” Noah’s Ark,” and “I’m Going to Block Your Number.” Noah made his official video debut in the video for “Take Me to the Bank.”

NoahMakesMicK was born in the US and was raised in the suburbs of Milwaukee. Noah spent his early years traveling between his native country of Egypt and the United States. Because of this, Noah was able to draw comparisons between himself and several hip hop artists from the United States including Jay Z, Kanye West, Pharrell, and the Notorious B.I.G. He went on to receive a number one record on the popular rap/hip hop chart in the US and also went on to receive several additional chart toppers throughout his career.

Noah’s net worth is currently estimated at around five million. His most famous role to date would have to be his starring role as Sponge Bob Square Pants in the hit movie, The Sponge Bob Movie. Noah also did voice work for several animated films and commercials. One of his more recent roles was on an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It is his voice that is heard when Sponge Bob says, “I’m so excited!”

Noah made quite a name for himself during his early life. As a child he became famous for pranking his classmates at school. This was something that many kids wanted to do at the time and Noah enjoyed it to. Noah made good use of his talents as a prankster and in fact he made quite a name for himself pranking other kids throughout his childhood. This was something that he continued as an adult and he bragged about it on national television once.

Date Of Birth April 30, 2002
Age 18 Years
Birth Place United States
Birth Sign Taurus
Country United States
Height unknown
Weight unknown

Noah is currently working with United States companies as a speaker and is valued at six figures. He has been married and has two children. Noah began acting at a very young age and after a couple of years went on to become well known throughout the country. Noah made a few more appearances on television shows and movies later in his career. Noah made quite a name for himself as a performer and it was not long before people everywhere recognized Noah for his ability to speak his mind.

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