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Novi Herlina Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

In the beautiful locale of Novi Herlina, Croatia, dwell a man with whom you may feel as close as family. And that man is nothing other than Croatian writer and travelerovologist, Dr. Dubrovnik. This bio’s introduction depicts Dr. Dubrovnik in his home in a secluded, mountain-side area of the Bosnian-Serbian border. As the name implies, this is the home of Dr. Dubrovnik and his family, which he has enjoyed for almost 27 years.

As he rises to prominence in the region, where he is awarded the Nobel Prize for his works on comparative linguistics and the origin of human languages, Dr. Dubrovnik is also sought out by the United States Central Intelligence Agency for much the same purpose as described above. Once there he is assigned to the United States Citizen’s Medical Center in New Mexico as part of a linguistic exchange program. For this assignment he has no regrets about leaving his native land for what is probably the most beautiful, challenging and rewarding of all his assignments. No doubt about it. In fact, he openly discusses the beauty, history, wildlife and culture of the New Mexican state and beyond.

His first stop is Novi Herlina, where he conducts a detailed body measurement of the chief resident, Bogmalo Mladen, known also as Dubrovnik. From this point on, the adventure continues as Dr. Dubrovnik takes Bogmalo to visit his homeland of Serbia and from there into Croatia and into Italy. He is also permitted to stay in the famous cottage at Cerkno, where he lives with his host family. What a nice setting this is for Bogmalo Mladen is a younger man (in age and character, at least) and is already a fully grown man.

Bio / Wiki
Full Name Novi Chibi
Occupation Singer
Age 27
Date of Birth November 22, 1993
Place of Birth Bogor, Indonesia
Star Sign Sagittarius
Country Indonesia
Gender Female

Returning to Novi Herlina, Dr. Dubrovnik boards a plane for his next assignment, a three-week stay in Belgrade, the Serbian capital. Although Serbs are not ethnically nor linguistically Bosnian, they are close and friendly people, so Dr. Dubrovnik is welcomed and even treated with considerable military honor. Along the way he meets a number of interesting people, among them Radmir Milavic, a warlord who has been in charge of protecting the Bosporus since its opening in 1991; Aloja Djerba, an aging Croat who resettles in Herlina with his three teenage girls; and Milavije Radivojevic, a young political activist, editor in chief of a radical newspaper, the Novi Luka.

During his stay in the region, Dr. Dubrovnik meets Marina, who happens to be one of the few Bosnian women with a high level of net worth. The two form a relationship, which blossoms until Marina decides to marry Bozid Sistani, a wealthy Serb with a large fortune. However, a problem arises when Marina’s new husband sells her family estate, located in Neret Novi, to a relative who will use it to fund his own activities. This upsets Marina’s already stressful life, and she decides to abort the marriage, which she does just as soon as she is able to leave the country. However, the stress of her divorce and separation from Bozid Sistani forces her to accept the offer she is given, thus renewing their relationship.

A short time later, Marina receives a call from her friend Emin, who informs her that Emin has been detained by the Bosnian authorities because he tried to register as a British citizen in a wrong manner. Because of this, Emin swears that he will have to turn himself over to the Bosnian authorities, which causes Marina to worry about the safety of her son, Djamil, who has also been trying to gain citizenship. As a result, Marina decides to apply for a UGala (an indefinite green card) in order to be able to visit Djamil and her son Emin. However, when the court denies the application, Emin decides to turn himself in.


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