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Nurhasanah Iskandar Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

N Nurhasanah Iskandar is an Indonesian actress, active during the years 1993 to 2023. She is best known to the world as the voice actor of the animated character of the Doraemon series that aired on Cartoon Network. She received numerous awards for her roles in the show, which earned her a number of Emmys, including Best Actor in a Comedy Series. She went on to star in other animated roles, such as in the series Viva Niva.

Like many Indonesian women, Nurhasanah Iskandar emigrated to Australia. There she received an award for the best supporting actress category for her role as Agnes Zukerman, a character from the movie, Doraemon: The Movie. While in Australia, she also appeared in a number of other popular television shows, such as Ozoman (which was also produced by the Doraemon company), which is about a young girl who lives in an underground city. She then went on to appear in the movie, King of the Hill, playing the same role as Ernie in that film.

During the course of her acting career, Nurhasanah Iskandar developed a reputation for being one of the best Indonesian voice actresses. Her career spanned parts of four decades, from films to voice-overs. A notable role that she did not receive enough credit for was that of the protagonist, Kim, in the animated film King of the Hill. The role was originally meant forhoe-voicing Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s character, but because of her impeccable, yet warm Australian accent, they felt that it would be more fitting for a jingly voiced female lead. It is also common for Indonesian actresses to voice characters that are common in Indonesia, such as Haji Orang, or the female lead in Ermitage: Japanese Samurai.

Popular As N/A
Occupation N/A
Age 35 years old
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Born 7 December 1986
Birthday 7 December
Birthplace Jayapura, Indonesia
Nationality Indonesia

However, it was her role as Nurhasanah Iskander in the movie Doraemon: The Search for Excruciators that really catapulted her into stardom status. As the main character, Nuria goes into a mystery to find the legendary Master Digger. The whole theme of searching for a mythical treasure has been around for ages, but it was Iskander who added a modern, fun twist to it. It was this role that catapulted Iskander into superstardom and became a favorite among Indonesian and Filipino audiences alike. She went on to have some well-received movie roles later on, including her appearances in the TV series, Grandma’s Dog, in which she appears alongside Yul Barra, who plays her grandson; in Kung Manggas, she plays the evil witch, Valkor; in the movie remake of The Pirates of the Caribbean, she plays Caravel; and in the movie Tokyo Gold, wherein she appears as herself, alongside Masakado.

Aside from her many movie roles, Iskander has also made a name for herself through her many martial arts novels. She has written several books in her name, including one tome entitled beliau sakit stroke masuku, translated into English as The Pirate’s Daughter. Another novel that Iskander has written, entitled wa innailai, or Flower in the Morning, was turned into a hit television series in Indonesia, called Doorstep to God. This television series became very popular in Indonesia and is said to have spawned several other Iskander novels. She also has a number of children’s books that have been turned into successful movies or television serials, such as Iruka, Mabini, and Iruka wa Sita.

Like many people, Iqra Iskander is excited by the new year. Looking forward to enjoying the long weekend away from home and relaxing with family and friends. While Iqra and her family and friends are all excited about her impending second year at Nurhasanah Iskandar, she knows that her dream of becoming a manga artist will always remain a dream. “Iruka” is already proving to be a smash hit in Indonesia, and Iskander has already written more than twenty volumes of her fantasy novels. So, while you wait for the new chapter of “Iruka,” settle in with your new novel, “Terkena Serangan Jantung Pada.”


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