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Oon Shu An (うつ) is a world renowned and extremely popular actress. Born in 1986. Oon Shu A was actually born to Hong Kong martial arts expert, Bruce Lee. Oon started learning martial arts at the age of six and would train with his father for up to three hours a day. Oon would take courses in boxing, martial arts, gymnastics, dance, singing, drama, and martial arts.

Oon Shu An was born in Hong Kong, and moved to Norway when she was four years old. At the age of seven, her parents took her to Hong Kong to study martial arts with Bruce Lee. Oon has been said to have been inspired by Bruce Lee, and wanted to be a great actor when she was small. Oon studied acting at the Hong Kong Academy of Arts, for two years. Following this, she went to the Central University of Dramatic Arts, for two years. After this Oon enrolled in the university of Utah, where she pursued a degree in English.

First Name Oon
Last Name An
Profession TV Actress
Age 34 years old
Birthday & Zodiac
Birth Sign Leo
Birth Date August 5, 1986
Birthday August 5
Birth Place Singapore
Country Singapore

Oon Shu An was famous as an actress from the late seventies to the early eighties and studied acting with both Lee and Chow Heng. Oon is known to have trained with Chow, who is known for his height. Oon has played a wide variety of characters, most notably in Hong Kong movies such as The Grandmaster (in which she plays the younger sister of Master Yeh), Who Is It? and Tomboy (in which she plays the younger sister of Chow), among many others. Oon has also played a supporting role in a number of Hollywood movies, most notably Pretty Woman, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Oon’s net worth is still somewhat high despite being relatively young, and she continues to act on a number of high profile TV shows.

Oon Shu A’s birthday is April 14th, and she is currently celebrating her 34th birthday. Oon has blue eyes and has been said to have a naturally beautiful face. Oon was married to Chow Likien in 1997, before which their marriage was briefly rocky due to Oon’s then-biracial nature. Oon Shu An’s official birthday website does not list her height, but other sources say she is five feet, seven inches in height.

According to Oon Shu A’s biography, she is also Chinese, which may make her birth date a bit moot. Oon was born on August 5, 1986 in Singapore. Oon was an actress for quite a few years before her marriage to Chow Likien, which may help contribute to her inflated estimated net worth, since her early years were spent in Hollywood.

Oon Shu An’s online bio says that Oon was one of the “finest Chinese actresses” who “personally conquered the hearts of people all over the world”. Oon was known for her beautiful looks, and her long, lean figure. Oon was married to Chow Likien for 10 years and was seen by her fans as a classic example of beauty and elegance. Oon Shu A’s fast facts about Oon Shu A can be seen at several different Chinese internet websites, including her official web site.

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