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Orel Mangala Net Worth, Real Name, Birthday, Biography, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Orel Mangala is not in the public limelight yet. This Orel Mangala Biography is all about a Footballer who has achieved great success in his career. Orel Mangala is not yet a superstar, even though he is just twenty-five years old. Orel Mangala is the Belgian national team football player. Orel Mangala was born in Leonesse, Licea, Belgium.

Orel Mangala was born to parents Limbere and Yacine. Orel Mangala did not reveal about his parents names in this Biography. Orel Mangala is not working now, is studying to become a professional soccer player. His current coach is Frank Vandersloot who is an ex-pro and is now a coach at Belgian Pro League side FC Bruxelles.

Orel Mangala has never shared about his parents name though people from Licea understood him when he started playing soccer at a very young age. Orel Mangala played for the reserve team of Belgian league club Bruxelles. Mangala played one season for Bruxelles reserve team and then joined Besiktas Bektienges team which is an average football team in Turkey. Orel Mangala played in all ninety minutes of those ninety minutes and scored one goal. Orel Mangala Net Worth is not much big as most soccer players but Orel Mangala Net Worth is good enough to be nominated for the best performing player award at the World Cup 2021.

Orel Mangala is still going strong at the age of 21 years old and is still in the best shape of his life. Orel Mangala Net Worth is a good enough amount that can support his family and Orel Mangala should consider his family and wife when Orel Mangala wants to take some loan or wants some investment. Orel Mangala does not have any bad credit at all and has always worked hard to reach where he is today. Orel Mangala Net Worth is a good enough amount that can easily support his family.

Popular AsN/A
Age22 years old
Zodiac SignPisces
Born18 March 1998
Birthday18 March

Orel Mangala is a very nice and kind man who is very much dedicated to helping his team and everyone around him. Orel Mangala plays left wing for Besiktas and is the right midfielder for Besiktas. Orel Mangala had the privilege of playing with the world renowned player of the game Mario Yepes while he was growing up in Antigua, Greece. Mario Yepes is now at Besiktas and Orel Mangala played with him during his early years in Antigua. Orel Mangala was a very good soccer player during his younger age and has always dreamt of being a soccer star like Mario Yepes and Vincent Kompany. Orel Mangala is an athlete and a good defender who scores regularly and is an important part for Antigua team.

Orel Mangala is yet to make a huge name in international football and has only made one appearance in the World Cup. However, Orel Mangala can be known as one of the best defensive players and a great goalkeeper who are also good at holding the ball and keeping it as well as passing it forward. Orel Mangala may need a loan but one must not forget that Orel Mangala is still young and has a big future in front of him and this loan can be considered as an investment. Orel Mangala may need some time to show his worth on the national team and prove that he deserves the place in the international team.

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