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International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer 2023

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer! Today is September 16th. September 16th is the International Ozone Level Conservation Day celebrated internationally. The United Nations designated this day to preserve the ozone layer of air in its General Assembly. International Ozone Level Conservation Day is celebrated every year since then.

The purpose and purpose of this agenda are to show the importance of this ozone layer to the world. This ozone layer of air is vital for our planet’s survival. The ozone layer is a layer of atmosphere in which ozone gas resides. This ozone layer is about 20-30 km above the surface. The thickness of this layer varies from place to place, to time, to position. Its thickness decreases during different seasons.

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

Charles Fabry discovered this ozone layer in the air in the 1930s. The scientist Henry Buisson accompanied him. However, British meteorologist Gb Dobson did extensive research on ozone levels. In the meantime, he has created a network to monitor the ozone levels in the air.

The concentration of this ozone layer in the atmosphere is deficient. But its importance on the surface is immense. This ozone layer is essential for life-saving organisms on the surface. The ozone layer in the air absorbs harmful ultraviolet light from the sun. As a result, these harmful rays cannot enter the earth. These harmful ultraviolet rays are capable of destroying organisms on the surface.

This light is capable of damaging the skin of the human body. This ray consumes human bones. It plays an essential role in causing cancer. You will be surprised. The amount of fish in the sea is decreasing day by day. These harmful rays are a formidable threat to the life of the earth.

The Preservation of the Ozone Layer

Antarctica has suffered the most damage. The ozone layer of air protects the planet by destroying the sun’s harmful ultraviolet light. The ozone layer in the atmosphere is essential to us. But we are in sync with technology. Hazardous used the chemical in various factories. Pesticides used in multiple pesticides. These harmful chemicals react with the sun. It is damaging the ozone layer in the air. The ozone gas cover is piercing the sky. It’s called the greenhouse effect.

We have to save the world. We need to keep the animals around us. The creatures on the surface have to be protected. Our scientists are trying to save the world from this terrible loss. The developed world and developed countries are the primary liability for this loss today. Many unscrupulous people in business are using greedy chemical products after greed, threatening to nature. Creating an animal’s life is threatening.

Therefore, it is essential to have a policy on the use of additional chemicals. Legal action needs in this regard. All these criminals need to catch. Let’s all be aware. Let us all love our environment, society, the state, and the world. We refrain from all kinds of wrongdoing. We hate crime. Together we celebrate this International Ozone Level Conservation Day. Let’s inform the world about this important day. All raise public awareness.