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Paeka Campos was born in Southern California. Paeka is also known as Paeka Campos. She is currently an American singer and model. She is most famous for her roles in films such as The Place in Between (2023) and Divine Access (2023).

Paeka Campos has been a topic of discussion on the Internet in the past, with many people claiming that she is not the real Paeka Campos. However, other alleged facts about Paeka Campos are actually true. Paeka Campos does have a biological parent in the United States. She has two step-sisters that are American citizens by birth. Her real name is Paeka Nicole Campos.

Paeka Campos facts include her birth date, which is June 3rd, 2023. She was born in Los Angeles, California. Paeka’s parents were immigrants from Mexico. Paeka’s father is Hispanic, while her mother is American. Paeka is a very tall and thin woman with brown eyes and brown hair. She stands just over 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Paeka Campos has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Mark Paek, who is a fitness instructor. Paeka later married Richard Shusterman, who is a real estate developer. Both of their marriages lasted for seven years.

Paeka Campos has been involved in many sports as well as dance videos. She has been in the modeling and acting business for the last several years. Her real name is Paeka Campos Chivers. She was most known as a dancer and singer in several movies including Bridesmaids, A Beautiful Mind, The Perfect Team, The Blind Side, and Spiderman and Iron Man. Paeka has appeared in over 200 dance videos.

If you want to follow Paeka Campos on Twitter you can do so at Follow Paeka Campos. Paeka has over 13 thousand followers. Her page has pictures of her dancing videos. There are also links to her blog at Netizen. At the blog she provides interesting information about her life as well as details about her dancing and singing. It is evident that Paeka Campos has gained many followers on Twitter due to her interesting dance videos and her many followers on her personal page and blog.

One reason that makes Paeka Campos a good social media celebrity is her young age at the moment. At the age of 18 years old, Paeka Campos is already a very famous celebrity in the United States. Many consider her to be a young yet sexiest single lady. Many women get inspired by her and wish to become like Paeka Campos. As Paeka gets older and more famous, she will be able to serve as an example for many young girls who wish to become models and perform well in the entertainment business.

Personal Info

Stage Name Paeka Campos
Real Name Paeka Campos
Profession(s) Actress, Instagram Star, Tiktok Star, Youtuber,
Birthday May 1, 2002
Age 18 years (As in 2023)
Gender Female
Birthplace California, United States
Hometown California, California, United States
Nationality American
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian

Paeka Campos has earned a lot of appreciation not only from her dancing skills but also from her physique. Paeka Campos has an alluring body and she does not mind showing off it. She has appeared in several magazines and has been compared to the perfect body of Demi Moore. However, some people do not agree with some of Paeka Campos’ body measurements and believe that she has a flat stomach.

Regardless of what other people think of Paeka Campos’ body size, she is still a social media star. She has a lot of fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter. These people are always amazed by Paeka Campos’ beauty and appeal. Even though Paeka Campos might not be the best looking woman in the world, she is still a social media star that most people are fascinated by.

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