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Paige Chua Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Relationship Records, Salary, Income,Lifestyles & many more details

Paige Chua was born on the Philippines, or maybe Indonesia, and became a very famous actress in her native country before landing fame outside of it. Currently, Paige Chua is just 39 years old, 10 months and five days old. However, her name is synonymous with one of the most loved characters on television, Filipino actress Paige Lopez. Her life changed forever when her father was killed during a shoot, and she was taken in by her cousins. She then went on to become an overnight sensation in the film industry in the United States and in the Philippines.

Paige Chua was born on June 25, 1981 (age 39) in Singapore. She is a celebrity actress. Her the best movies are It’s a Great, Great World. She joined tvshows named Mightiest Mother‑in‑Law (2017), Against the Tide (2014), If Only I Could (2016), Your Hand In Mine (2009 – 2010) and When Duty Calls (2017). She attended Serangoon Junior College, Mayflower Secondary School, National University of Singapore. Paige Chua’s height is 5′ 8″.

What is interesting about Paige Chua’s career up to this point is how short her height is compared to other actresses who have come before. Many Chinese actors and actresses in their early twenties in Singapore were known for being under five feet in height. There are a lot of people with very little height, who are known as “The Five-footed Fairy”. Others who have been in the industry for a while came and went, but left an indelible mark on our popular culture. One such example of a short-haired actress who appeared alongside the likes of Chow, Yau Man and Ong Tiong would be Paige Chua.

What is interesting about Paige Chua’s background is that her full name is Paige Chua, but she goes by Paige Chua-Hua in the movie industry. It could be a result of getting hit with the nickname “Paige” while growing up in the United States, or perhaps a family member gave her that name when she was born. Another interesting fact about her full name is that it is not uncommon for Asian females to have this name as their first given name and to add – she s been nominated for more than a dozen star awards, including several for best supporting actress. If this is true, one must wonder what led to such outstanding accolades and successes. Perhaps her success is due to her unusual beauty, gracefully poised features and the lovable manner of her acting – all wrapped up into one beautiful woman.

It is not common knowledge that Paige Chua has been nominated for more than a dozen Golden Globe Awards, but judging from the lists of achievements, one would think that this is a possibility. Her many awards also include an award from the Taiwan Film Festival for her performance in the film Mommy, There’s An Old Lady In The Intestrin House. She has also been nominated for the Satellite Awards for Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Supporting Actress in Kung Fu. Does it seem that the meteoric rise of her net worth is being propelled by one or more of these amazing honors?

Some quick facts about Paige Chua may give a clue as to why she is still alive and kicking at age 67. She was married to Taiwanese actor Lin Feng Shih and the marriage brought them fame and fortune. However, the happy couple did not have children, which would explain why the actress was unavailable to view the progress of their marital problems. Her agent confirmed to us that they are still married and do have a daughter named Lin Feng Shih.

Paige Chua was born in Tinsel town in northern peninsular Malaysia and grew up in the same area as the much-admired Ong Keng, or Master of Fine Arts in Communications. She had first gained public attention when she was cast as the foul-tempered maid in the popular television sitcom, The Performer. Though the series lasted only one season, the actress was already famous by the time she finished her two-season stint. She then went on to play the mean-spirited background character in the hit movie The Damned United, and had a role in the well-received Kung Mangueve, which was later made into a sequel.

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