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Parvathy Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Parvathy Thirupathmeethan is a Kerala-based actress best known for her charming good looks, dazzling looks, sassiness, and sensuality. Parvathy is best known for her appearances in the television serials “Telly” and “Nana”. She has also been in few prominent Hindi movies, such as Baahubali, Apoorji’s Web and Bhumika in Bollywood. Parvathy was born in Kayankulam, Kerala. Her most loved role till date would be Bhumika in Bollywood’s Apoorji’s Web. She is popular among viewers of Indian television as well as foreign viewers.

Parvathy was born in Hubli, Kerala. There is a story behind her pretty face: she was scouted while standing in a queue at the cinema by a director. He spotted her charms and hired her to be his assistant. This assistant became his love partner till they parted ways in 2023.

Real Name: Parvathy Thiruvoth Kottuvata
Famous Name: Parvathy Thiruvothu, Parvathy Menon
Nick Name: Parvathy, Lady Prithviraj
Date of Birth: April 17, 1988
Age: 33 years 3 months 9 days 16 hr 48 min 39 sec
Gender: Female
Nationality: Indian
Birth Place: Kozhikode, India
Net Worth: $1 Million (Approx.)

Parvathy is one of the very few female actresses from India whose films have received positive response from both national as well as international audience. She has established a strong name in the Indian film industry. Parvathy’s first big break in her career was in the movie “Mankatha”, which she starred in along with Sharukh khan. Since then she has appeared in some high-budget Hollywood films, such as Paris Hilton’s The Perfect Score and Adam Sandler’s Anger Management.

Parvathy has mostly acted in low budget films. However, her two releases “Kiss” (with Sharukh khan) and “Singh in King’s Court” have managed to achieve good reviews among Indian film critics and audiences. In all the films that Parvathy has acted in, her strength of onscreen presence and talent have not gone to waste. She has proved herself to be an able actress and an accomplished actress with a range of characters.

Parvathy’s two films “Kiss” and “Singh in King’s Court” have done moderately well in the state, despite the regional criticism. “Kiss” did reasonably well in the box office, while “Singh in King’s Court” did poorly. Some critics claimed that it was because the superstar’s character in these movies is a typical blonde female, while most of the characters in Kerala are brunettes. “Kiss” does have some good sequences where the heroine meets her ageing father, played by S.S. Rajamouli. However, the character of Parvathy in this film is far from likable.

Parvathy is yet to make any major Hindi film. “Mankatha” is expected to be his first Hindi movie in next year, with a release date of perhaps March or April, 2023. A Parvathy cameo in “Mankatha” could also fetch him decent amounts of money, given his association with Malayalam movie directors. Other than that, there is no major talk of Parvathy starring in any upcoming Hindi movie, except for his cameo in “Singh in King’s Court”. So we can expect at least a few more fantastic Hindi movies starring Parvathy, like “Dhoom Reloaded”, starring Ajith Kumar and “Chak De! “.


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