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American patriotism is a holiday that most of us take for granted. We all recognize the country, and we all understand the symbolism of what it means to be an American. There is no doubt that without our founding fathers, or the people that fought and died for this great country, we would have much less liberty today. And yet there are still those who claim that this country does not deserve its present freedoms. That it is not strong enough as it is and that if we allow our nation to become weak, then those who wish to destroy our way of life will gain their absolute freedom.

But there is a problem with this argument. And that problem is that the Patriot Day celebration which takes place on the last Friday of April also falls on a Friday. And in many ways, our country has become weaker because of the celebration of Patriot Day. If the citizens of our nation were not celebrating this holiday then perhaps we might not have seen the drastic decline of our economy.

Patriot Day Wishes Messages

  •  Salute to all those men who love their country not because it is a wonderful nation but because it is their own nation….. A very Happy USA Patriot Day!!!
  • USA Patriot Day is a day of celebration for we all support our nation and love it…. For we love harmony and peace!!!
  • Memory is just a beautiful way of holding on to things that you have always loves, remembering the things that you never want to lose. Today is the day to remember all those who diet in Twin attack and always keep them alive in our memories. Happy Patriot Day to you.
  • America will always honor and remember every life that was lost in 9/11…. We will always keep them alive in our prayers because those souls died because of terrorism. On this auspicious day of Patriot Day, let us hold a silence of 2 minutes in memory of all those people.
  •  On this day , Remember the penance. ‘More noteworthy love has nobody than this: to set out one’s life for one’s companions.
  • Salute to every one of those men who love their nation not on the grounds that it is an awesome country but rather in light of the fact that it is their own country… .. A Happy Patriot Day!!!

Patriot Day Facebook Messages , Whatsapp Status

  • Patriot Day is the reminder that we all must stand against terrorism and fight for the harmony and peace of the world because such brutal and vulgar people who killed innocent men, women and kids can never win over love and peace. Wishing you a very Happy Patriot Day.
  • No war can be won by killing…. No man can be a king without the love of his countrymen…. No terrorist can win this world with his terror… Patriot Day is the reminder that we all are bonded with love and united with harmony. Best wishes to you on Patriot Day.
  • Simply calling yourself a patriot does not make you a patriot… wearing a flag pin on your collar doesn’t not express love for your nation. Fighting for your country….. working for the development of your nation makes you a real patriot. Wishing you a very Happy Patriot Day.
  • Today is the day dedicated to all those who love their country… who work for their country and who feel the pain of their countrymen. Let us remind ourselves of the dreadful incident of 9/11 and promise ourselves to never surrender to the wrong. Warm wishes on Patriot Day to you.
  • Only the real patriot loves his country for real…. Only he can make sacrifices for the nation…. Only he can live up to the expectations of the country….. only he can understand the real meaning of independence. Wishing such a patriot a Happy Patriot Day.
  • With a heavy heart and moist eyes, let us remember every smiling face that was put to death…. With our hands folded in prayers, let us remember every life lost to the incident of 9/11. Today is the day to remind ourselves that we can never let such incidents happen. Happy Patriot Day.
  • Violence is the never the right way of achieving peace and harmony. Peace can only be attained by mutual understanding and cooperation. Let us promise each other to restore the lost peace with our combinaed efforts. Wishing you a very Happy Patriot Day.
  • It takes strength to stand up and speak your mind and it also takes strength to sit and listen. Let us remember the lives lost in the dreadful incident of 9/11 by promising to never surrender to terrorism and negative energies. Sending warm wishes to you on Patriot Day 2023.
Patriot Day 2023
Patriot Day 2023

On the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, we celebrate the strength and the power of the American people. And we also honor the sacrifices that so many have made. In many ways, we live in much safer America now than we ever did before.

Patriot Day Quotes

So is the American way of life really that strong? It would seem that it is stronger now than ever since the attack. In fact, it has been said that Americans are stronger than ever since September 11th. However, the question should be asked – where have all this strength and power come from? And how did they get to where they are today – on the anniversary of the Patriot Day?

The world knows us and respects us because we had the privilege to be the homeland for such brave and wonderful patriots and we must do our best to honor them!

-It takes a lot of courage to leave one’s home and comfort behind to fight for the nation and these brave hearts have done that and we commend their courage and sacrifice for years and years to come!

-All the alphabets combined in any language of the world cannot form words that will be enough to express the huge amount of gratitude and pride that we feel for the heroes!

-Our country and all the people of it will remember these brave patriots for all their struggles and fights for generations to come!

-If we had to know what it means to love a country from anybody, we should ask a true patriot, someone who has physically fought for the country, a soldier, rather than asking any corrupted politician!

-The love of a country is something that will pull you out of your homes for the sake of the thousands of people of the country who live their lives counting on you to protect them and fight for them!

-These patriots had left their families, their homes and their comfort behind to risk their lives to fight for the country do that the rest of the people had their democratic rights and freedom with them

-All schools and offices are closed on this day as we show our tremendous respect to the patriots who have helped us to achieve a free and democratic country.

-How can we ever repay the deeds of the bravery of the patriots, it is even useless to think of repaying them, we can just pay our respects to them!

-Happy National Patriot’s Day to everyone who truly appreciates the struggle of the patriots!

-Many of the patriots are not with us anymore, and neither are their families, but their heroism will never be forgotten, happy National Patriot’s Day!

-We will never forget the patriots for as long as we live and that is a promise, happy National Patriot’s Day!

-These brave men used to be only the children of their own families, but now they are our children too, for as long as humanity lives, these brave men will forever be our very own to us!

-We salute to the patriots who taught us what it means to love a nation and what it means to put a nation’s interests before their personal interests!

-The patriots will never be forgotten for as long as people live in our province!

-These patriots are our true guardian angels and it is because of them that we have our democracy and freedom, Happy National Patriot’s Day!

-We wish that every great patriot that had lost his life in the war has found peace and solace in the afterlife and also may they know that they will always be alive in our hearts!

-This is one of the noblest days to celebrate because this is how we pay our tributes to the brave men who had fought for us!

-May the patriots continue to reign our hearts, happy National Patriot’s Day everyone

Some say that the attacks on our country have prompted a rise in patriotism in the US. Now, this is hard to prove, but consider that after the twin towers collapsing the number of planes in the air is up. There is a distinct increase in flights to and from Washington D.C. And this increase in traffic definitely means there is more security at air fields and airports. The number of security personnel on duty at any given time in any place increases as well.

Therefore, one could argue that since there are more security measures in place the number of casualties in our country is decreasing. Although statistics cannot prove or disprove whether or not the attacks that have occurred on our soil are directly related to the Patriot Day celebration, then surely the number of casualties is decreasing. Since we are celebrating such an anniversary, surely the number of casualties has decreased. And we owe it to the people that died on that day to keep our nation safe.


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