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Peyton List Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Wiki & More

The Peyton List is a Peyton List biographical site based on Peyton List’s life and works that chronicles her remarkable life. It was founded in 2021 by Peyton List, in order to help women reach their potential in business and in life. It provides women with the resources they need to evaluate themselves and to develop the life that they want. For example, where do you stand on the scale of your life?

For instance, how old is Peyton List? What about her age, height as well her net worth? In another instance, Peyton List could be a complete stranger, but fortunately for you’ve gathered all you need to learn about Peyton List s life, age, height, net worth, career, art career, and much more facts on this incredible young artist. The Peyton List contains information about Peyton List’s early life as well as her professional work that have made her one of the most influential young artists today.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at the career and personal life of Peyton List as it relates to her art career and the subject of height discrimination. Peyton List grew up in Mobile, Alabama during the late 1960s and she attended the Mobile City High School. She excelled in mathematics as well as English, which were a specialty in her graduating senior year. She was also an excellent athlete throughout her high school years. However, she was often harassed and endured gender discrimination at the gym, on her basketball team, in the classroom, at church, in the cafeteria, at the dance club, and at the grade school.

How did Peyton List end up being such a remarkable American actress? What were some of the factors that led to her success in the film industry? What were some of the factors that led to her becoming the best known thinning hair celebrity of all time? How did she overcome the issues that were holding her back as an actress? These are just some of the many fascinating questions that comprise the life of Peyton List.

BIRTHDAY6 April, 1998 (Monday)
COUNTRYUnited States
AGE (in 2021)23 Years Old
HEIGHTin centimeters- 168 cm
in meters- 1.68 m
in Feet Inches- 5’ 6”
WEIGHTin Kilograms- 55 kg
in Pounds- 121.25 lbs

As an actor, Peyton List has appeared in some of the best known films of the 1990s, including Who’s There, The Perfect Storm, Man on the Moon, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, E.T. She is best known for playing the character of lesbian nurse June Carter in the movie Love Actually. She is also known for her supporting work in the movies Kingpin, Bruce Almighty, E.T., Finding Nemo, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Edward Scissorhands. On the television show Smallville, Peyton List played the character of Kaylee Whitfield, the mother of Clark Kent (also Lake), who had been promoted from high school teacher to Superman’s first love. Her net worth continues to rise with each new role she fills in movies and TV shows.

A former Miss Florida, Peyton List has lived a wonderful and eventful life in the state of Florida. She is married to the late Michael J. Fox, has two children and resides in Hollywood, Florida. She is most well known for her starring role in the hit television series Falling Down, which was a spin off of the successful film, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

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