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Philippines Independence Day 2021. June 12 marks the determination of the Philippines as an independent nation from centuries of British rule in 1898. Since then, Filipinos have celebrated this event with great gusto and enthusiasm. Filipino workers around the globe are inspired to participate in this day of remembrance and give tribute to those who gave up their lives for the country. Most Filipinos, however, spend this special national holiday together with friends and family to take a short break from the hustling and bustling city life and just take some time to relive the sacrifices that other Filipinos made for independence.

The Philippines was under British colonization from 1898 untilipation when the Americans came in and occupied the area. During this period, there were Filipino laborers all over the Philippines, earning their hard-earned wages in return for a few pieces of land that they could cultivate. When the Spaniards left the area, many Filipinos took with them their culture and language and even their most prized possessions – the priceless Philippines Independence Day treasures. For these people, their independence marked the onset of a new beginning in Philippine history. They proudly proclaim that without the help of the English colonists, the Philippines would not be what it is today.

Happy Philippines Independence Day 2021

Today, June 12th is known as Philippine Independence Day. Celebrations and programs around the Philippines include a parade down the streets of Manila, several cultural exhibits and workshops, Filipino dances and songs, and national holidays. On this day, the Philippines is also joined by several international partners who celebrate their own version of the Philippines Independence Day. Among these countries and their celebrating heroes are Germany, United States, Italy, Russia, the Philippines, China, and many others.

It is believed that the United States declared war on Japan on December 13, 1898, when the Philippines became an independent country. The United States Navy laid anchor off Manila Bay and bombarded the Japanese warships before being driven back. After the bombardment, the US Navy started sending out troops to reinforce the Philippine’s Independence Day celebrations. In doing so, they helped preserve and build upon the memory of the Philippines Independence Day.

Independence Day Philippines 2021 Wishes, Quotes, Messages,  Sayings Status:

  • Happy Independence Day everyone! Proud to be Filipino!
  • Today marks Philippine’s independence and the creation of the Democratic Republic of the Philippines. Happy Independence Day Philippines!
  • Happy Independence day! Today we appreciate the power and voice of the people. Happy Independence Day Philippines!
  • Happy Independence Day! I will always be grateful to have had represented our country, The Philippines! happy independence day.
  • Happy Independence Day! Today, reflect on changes you can make to establish a concrete sense of freedom and security—like finally moving into your dream home.
  • The glory of a saving country is not for him who has contributed to its ruin. Happy Independence Day.
  • Happy Independence Day Philippines! To our dearest patrons! Happy Independence day to us and our motherland! Please always keep safe and stay vigilant, everyone.
  • As the dawn of today’s celebration comes in, we pray that all negativity be transformed into positivity for us all in this nation. Happy Independence day!
  • Happy Independence day the Philippines!!! Let us recognize our heroes then who fought for freedom and unity and our heroes now our Frontlines.
  • Happy National Independence Day to my homeland, the Philippines.
  • Happy 122 years of Independence, Philippines! May we continue to protect the freedom we have for generations to come.

After the Second World War, the Philippines got an opportunity to move forward when the United Nations started promoting world peace. On November first, the Philippines became a member in the United Nations and remained a full member until February 20th, 2021. At the very moment of celebrating the Philippines Independence Day, a national holiday, people of the Philippines all over the Philippines are celebrating its twenty-fifth National Holiday. In keeping with Philippine tradition, this national holiday is dedicated to the heroics of the Filipino soldiers who gave their lives for the nation. In doing so, it honors the sacrifice they made and stands proud in the history books as the Philippines has become a powerful nation.

When this year celebrates its twenty-fifth National Holiday, Filipino people all over the Philippines join their hands to dedicate their lives in the cause of the Filipino people who gave so much for the country. Filipino families come together to celebrate this occasion and observe the dedication of its people. They hold functions such as a dinner party wherein foods are served to the family members and guests. There is also a performance of the talents of the Filipino artists, celebrated in the streets. A lot of other activities also take place to keep the momentum of the Philippines Independence Day.

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