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Piaa Bajpai Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Piaa Bajpai is an Indian actress who has acted in a number of movies since her early days. She is best known for supporting roles in comedies. Piaa Bajpai was born in Kerala and educated at Kamalapuzha High School.

Piaa Bajpai is best known for her role in the tamil movie, The Virgins. She also appeared in few short films The Virgins and in Hindi film, Laal Rang. Piaa Bajpai first went to school in Kerala for her education. She then moved to Delhi to pursue her education.

Piaa Bajpai had a small role in the first episode of the talk show, Q&A. After that, she became busy in various other projects. Later on, she appeared in another award-winning comedy called, The Big Break. Later on, Piaa Bajpai became one of the most popular faces in Indian television. She appeared in a number of popular Telugu Malayalam movies, which earned her some silverware acting awards.

NamePiaa Bajpai
Other / NicknamesPiaa Bajpai
Occupation / ProfessionActress (Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi) and Model
Years Active2008–present
Age26 Years
Date Of Birth27 Sept 1991
Birth PlaceEtawah, Uttar Pradesh, India
ResidenceEtawah, Uttar Pradesh, India
HometownEtawah, Uttar Pradesh, India
EthnicityNot Known
HobbiesReading, Work Out
Zodiac sign/Sun signLibra

Piaa Bajpai’s best known for her performances as Tamil cinema actress Piaa Bedi. Piaa Bedi is widely known for her lovable character, Shimit Amin, in the hit Tamil movie, Anantepadindakkam. Piaa Bedi first appeared in the movie Anantepadindakkam as Shimit Amin in the first scene. Piaa Bajpai is best known for her sweet and sultry looks, which have won praises from different personalities across the world. Piaa Bajpai is widely recognized for her roles in Kannan movie, Kintu, a remake of Hindi movie, Maqbool Fida Husain’s Kismet, and Apu’s Welcome.

Piaa Bajpai is also known for her leading roles in some other prominent movies and television programs. She appeared in the first episode of a Bollywood movie, No Ordinary Family, as the evil twin of Apu. Later on, Piaa Bajpai went on to play the lead role in the movie, Mankatha. In fact, Piaa Bajpai has also acted in some popular Indian movies made by reputed Hindi film directors like Sharukh Khan and Rameshwarup Mukherjee.

Piaa Bajpai has become an instant hit among fans of Tamil cinema. Piaa Bajpai hails from Devikulam, Tamil Nadu and was earlier known as Devi Ahilya. Other than being an Indian actress, Piaa Bajpai is also very popular all over the world as an international personality and has been honored with a number of awards for her roles in Indian movies and other animated characters.

Piaa Bajpai’s name is very familiar not only in India but around the globe as well. In fact, Piaa Bajpai was recently conferred with an honorary doctorate degree from King’s College in Hyderabad, India. The honorary doctorate degree was awarded on behalf of Devi Ahilya Sundaram, a prominent social reformer in the region. Piaa Bajpai has made contributions to the field of social work in the country as well and has worked closely with leaders of various NGOs. Piaa Bajpai has been very vocal about her desire to go into politics after becoming an entrepreneur. In fact, Piaa Bajpai has even spoken about her dream to become the next prime minister of India.

Piaa Bajpai is best known for her distinct voice and is known to have played a number of important characters in popular Hindi films. However, Piaa Bajpai is also known for her beauty, which can be best seen in her photogenic poses in different series of pictures which she has appeared in. Piaa Bajpai was born in Konark to parents who were immigrants from Mangalore in Southern India. Piaa Bajpai is originally from Mangalore in Tamil Nadu and her favorite roles in Indian films include Kannan (which was later played by S.S. Rajamouli), Tintu (directed by S.S. Rajamouli), Kedar Bhaskar (directed by S.S. Rajamouli), and Naveen (acted by Parankar).

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