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Pizza Man Trent Age, Height, Net Worth, Weight, Family, Wife

Pizza Man Trent is a well known Pizza delivery man and has gained instant popularity across the United States of America. Pizza Man Trent’s Pizza Hut franchise is quickly rising in the United States and is fast becoming one of the best Pizza places to be in. Pizza Man Trent Facts reveals Pizza Man Trent’s background, how he became wealthy as well as Pizza Man secrets. Pizza Man Trent biography reveals Pizza Man Trent’s age, how he got his Pizza Man nickname, some of his notable relationships and much more.

Pizza Man Trent became a famous Pizza delivery man after he was fired from an ad agency. He used this opportunity to start a Pizza delivery business, which led him to traveling across the United States. Pizza Man Trent started his Pizza delivery business at the age of 16. Pizza Man had a hard time making Pizza under the tutelage of his father. His father thought Pizza Man should concentrate on advertising instead of Pizza making. As a result, Pizza Man decided to learn basic self-help skills so he could make Pizza like his father would have made it.

Pizza Man became an instant hit after releasing his first Pizza Man Pizza in Chicago, Illinois. Pizza Man was so popular that he was asked to be the star of Pizza Man TV show. Pizza Man 2: The Legend of Pizza Man was released in the United States after four seasons on Canadian television. Pizza Man 3: The Ultimate Collector’s Edition was released in the United Kingdom. Pizza Man 4: The Ultimate Collector’s Edition featured brand new Pizza Man toys. This movie was the last installment of Pizza Man’s television series, making it important to Pizza Man Trent facts and history.

Pizza Man Trent was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. He has been described as being very athletic by people who know him. People who know Pizza Man often joke that Pizza Man is not really taller than average, but according to Pizza Man fans and biographies, Pizza Man Trent is actually 6 feet tall. Other Pizza Man facts include Pizza Man’s net worth, being known as the world’s third richest Pizza Man, receiving rent assistance from the Canadian government, having saved his money to invest in real estate, and being a licensed real estate broker.

Short Profile
First Name Pizza
Last Name Trent
Profession YouTube Star
Age 18 years old
Birth Sign Taurus
Birth Date April 30, 2001
Birth Place United States
Country United States

Pizza Man’s net worth was estimated by Pizza Man Etiquette to be approximately five hundred thousand dollars by one biographer. Pizza Man’s height was further estimated by Pizza Man Etiquette at being approximately two and a half feet. Pizza Man’s real estate was further estimated by Pizza Man Etiquette at being between eight and twelve thousand square feet with multiple units. Pizza Man’s most well-known Pizza shop is called Pizza Maniac in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. Pizza Maniac is located in a part of downtown called Theodora, near Cherry Street.

Pizza Man was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. He is a reference to an animated character that was featured on the cover of a Canadian album called Pizza Maniac. Pizza Man’s real name is Robert Michael Trent, although he goes by the name Pizza Manitus in online chat rooms. Pizza Manitus was a nickname that Pizza Man became known with. Pizza Manitus trivia indicates that Pizza Man, in fact, goes by this name on a number of occasions.

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