Pohela Boishakh Saree Collection 2023 with Price

We have a large number of Boishakhi Saree 2023 to celebrate Pohela Boishakh 1428. Boishakh means the beginning of a new year. Whether it’s for a day. Everyone is looking forward to the first Baishakh to eat, drink, walk, talk, dress up, and be a hundred per cent Bengali. So, fashion lovers love to wear new clothes on this festive day of Bengali. The current Baishakhi dresses have come out a lot from the red and white circle. Now many people wear clothes in one colour or a mixture of different colours. Everyone wants to decorate themselves anew for the New Year.

Now red, white, yellow, green, blue, purple, all colours are being embellished in the Baishakhi image. However, in addition to this, various bright colours are also being used. Also, there are various gift items including sari, Punjabi, fatwa, T-shirt, salwar, kameez, children’s clothing. There are different collections for teenagers. Besides, if everyone in the family wants to dress together, there are family clothes for them. There is also a couple of dress. The garments are predominant as tat, half silk, muslin, cotton etc. So, there are tat, print, block as a means of work. However, this time, in addition to the hobby pot theme, several items have been made in Gelbar’s calendar theme.

Pohela Boishakh Saree 2023

Sari means sari for Bengali women. Sarees are very popular among women of all ages for the first Boishakh. I want the sari to be comfortable to wear on the day of Boishakh. So considering all this, many people do not choose cotton, half, silk or silk fabric. Light georgette saris can also be worn on a glittering occasion at night. Besides the colour of the sari, there are different types of designs. Block, batik, applique, embroidery and various handicrafts have been done in these sarees. After all, different themes of Pahela Boishakh have been used as motifs. But the beauty of a sari depends a lot on the blouse.

The cut of the blouse is always different. Many also wear long-sleeved, half-sleeved, three-quarter sleeves, or sleeveless blouses. In the case of the neck, the trend of high neck and the choice of many. So many people use high neck blouses using different buttons. In addition to these, blouses are usually made with a round neck or V-shaped neck. It all depends on the tastes and preferences of each person.

Boishakhi Saree

Boishakhi Saree Collection 2023

At the same time, if you forget about comfort, it will not work. Then match a little high heel with the sari. But semi-high heels are good for walking around a lot. It also looks good and feels comfortable to walk on. Then in the boys’ Boishakh Punjabi collection
There are short or medium length Punjabi shorts suitable for reading with jeans. Cotton, Andy, Slick, Handicraft and Embroidery Punjabi are also available. Available in various colours including white, maroon, brick, black. Usually, Punjabi is worn by boys of all ages.

Pohela Boishakh Saree

Pohela Boishakh Dress

If many people do not want to wear a sari on the first Baishakh, they wear a dress, salwar kameez etc. Also nowadays women wear colourful salwar Kurtis and many more. But of all things, the Baishakhi sari is the most beautiful and gorgeous. Baishakhi sari in red and white colour combination: On the first Baishakh, girls like to wear a sari the most. The red and white sari in the Baishakhi sari is very nice and attractive.

These saris fit the identity and modernity of the aristocracy. Baishakhi sari is the most traditional dress and girls of all ages love to wear this sari. Therefore, it can be said that the traditional dress of Bengali women for the first Baishakh is the sari. This is a very charming dress. That is why it is said that the beauty of Bengali women is revealed in that sari.

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