Happy Pohela Boishakh SMS, Message & Status 2023

I wish everyone a happy Bengali New Year in advance. Pahela Boishakh is a traditional culture of the Bengali nation. Each nation has its own culture. In the same way, our first Boishakh is a New Year’s day of traditional culture. Do we Bengalis just celebrate this first Boishakh? The answer must be no. Because this day of Pohela Boishakh or Bengali New Year is celebrated in various ways in Bangladesh and India. However, in this case, the two countries are celebrated on different days.

For example, the first date of the month of Boishakh is 14 April 2023 according to the time of Bangladesh and 15 April 2023 according to the time of India is the first day of their month of Boishakh. According to him, Happy New Year is celebrated in two Bengalis on different days. On this day fairs are organized in different places of rural Bengal. This festival is also celebrated with great pomp in the urban areas of Bangladesh. Also, shop owners or moneylenders arrange halakhata on this day. We’ve many Pohela Boishakh Collections are available. You can see this from the mentioned link.

Pohela Boishakh SMS 2023

They settled all the old transactions. From the first day of the year, everything started anew. So Pahela Boishakh is a universal festival of Bengalis. The cities and villages of Bangladesh rejoiced on this day. The most interesting on the day of Pohela Boishakh are Mars procession, fair, different types of varta with hilsa fish and panta rice In addition, various arrangements were made from house to house, inquiries were made among the relatives and all of them went to different fairs together and were harassed. Therefore, Pahela Boishakh is a happy day for every Bengali. This day comes only once a year. Everybody celebrates this day according to their ability.

Happy New Year to all. Everything has a beginning as well as an end. So it took a year to see it that way. Again we set foot in another new year. In the years that have passed we have gained a lot, lost a lot again, where some memories were happy and some memories were very painful. Many people dream that the new year will come true in the old year. And human life revolves around this demand.

Dinguli jemoni hok thik e jay kete,
Tobuo bolo ki lav, purono srity ghete.
e bochor purno hok tomar sokol asha.
Noboborsher etai amar prottasha.

Shuvo Noboborsho 1428

Pohela Boishakh Message & Wishes

We wish our loved ones a variety of gifts this New Year and wish them all the very best. So we greet people close to us in different ways. In today’s society, there is another world beyond all this. I don’t know why I don’t send SMS to my favourite people on my mobile, and message on my messenger. So we send our unspoken words to our loved ones very easily through SMS. We are hesitant to say some things in front of our friends but we can easily explain them nicely through SMS. In this case, SMS has played a helpful role in our personal lives.

Hold on to our relationship, dear.
Decorate the room of your mind like this,
Many beautiful cut old years
That’s how I want to be with you in this new year.
Happy New Year,
Let the world be filled with that joy,
I wish you all the best.
What else can I give except good wishes in the new year.
Friend, keep all the windows of your love open,
If the sky of the mind is cloudy, just call me.
After the storm and rain, I will show the smile of light again
I will be by your side like this.
Happy New Year 1428

Therefore, it can be said that through the SMS of Pahela Boishakh, we can express the words of our minds to the people close to us in a very beautiful way. In this, personal life will become much happier.

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