Poya Full Moon Day 2021 Quotes, Wishes, Status, Image

Poya Day is a popular Celebration in Sri Lanka. Poya 2021 Schedule, Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, Status, Image and Wallpaper are available here to celebrate this Day. Full moon day is normally considered as the Poya day in every month. But, This is special and the Moon will fully round bigger than other months. This day celebrate in various countries. Earlier, Chinese people are celebrating Mid Autumn Festivals on the same date. Are you from Sri Lanka and want to celebrate this Poya traditionally? Let’s know the ways to celebrate this Festivals with others.

This Poya Day is very important to Buddhists all around the world who follow the Lunar Calendar. Most of the followers from China and some from other countries like Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Singapore and others. They are now celebrating this special Day. Let’s copy Images, Quotes, Greetings, Status and celebrate!

When is Poya Day 2021?

Poya Celebrated every Months. according to Wikipedia, Poya is available on Every month and some months have one more Poya. If a month has 2 Full moons, 2nd Poya named Adhi. You can see Full-year Poya Day list on this Website.

Adhi-Vap Full Moon Poya Day Quotes 2021

Full Moon Poya Day Message, Status & Wishes

We wish you a happy Full Moon Poya Day!

“Wishing you a blessed Bak Full Moon Poya day, which signifies the second  visit of Lord Buddha to Nagadeepa, Sri Lanka. May these blessings heal our motherland.