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Prilly Latuconsina Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Prilly Latuconsina translates to “Pily face”. She is originally from northern Java in Indonesia. She has become popular worldwide as one of the world’s most popular Latina celebrities and is known to many different people by different names such as Pinky, Poli, Pook, or Poppy. However, in this article, we will be concentrating on her biography, or her personal life, as she is also known by her fans.

She was born to parents who were not very supportive of her early years. It was not until she was ten years old that her parents divorced, when she met her first boyfriend. Even then, she was already obsessed with the idea of becoming a model. It was not surprising that she became quite good at modeling and was invited to various fashion shows in Java, as well as to New York, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Berlin, London, etc. Her net worth today is in excess of $1 million.

There are many aspects about Prilly Latuconsina that is very unique and endearing. Most people would say that her physical looks are pretty, but what they do not know is that her face is not her real face, but a makeup artist’s concoction to resemble a real face. Due to this, her physical appearance and body measurements are different from those of other famous Latina celebrities.

BIRTHDAY15 October, 1996 (Tuesday)BIRTH PLACETangerang ,

BantenCOUNTRYIndonesiaAGE (in 2023)24 Years Old BIRTH SIGNLibraHEIGHTin centimeters- 155 cm
in meters- 1.55 m
in Feet Inches- 5’ 1”

WEIGHTin Kilograms- 46 kg
in Pounds- 101.41 lbsCASTEN/A

In terms of her height, Prilly Latuconsina taller than her siblings Maralyn and Elena. However, her siblings have long known that there is no such thing as the real Marina; instead, there exists the alter ego, the alter personality of Marina. As such, the average net worth of all the Latuca siblings is significantly lower than the former’s net worth. Elena and Maralyn’s figures have been cited as the ‘normal’ figures for their respective age ranges; the former’s height is said to be just over six feet, while the latter has claimed to have claimed to be seven feet. While it may seem unfair to make Marina taller than her siblings, one has to remember that the former is a man while the latter two women are women.

As for her body measurement, Prilly Latucansina has been cited as being an individual with a ‘big belly’. This is corroborated by the pictures of the overweight singer/actor/singer, which shows the former standing beside her much heavier half-sister Maralyn. However, the reality is that Prilly’s body size has little to do with her weight, as she is known to be an avid swimmer. Further, there are instances in which she did show off her extra belly, like when she was photographed wearing a frilly bikini in one of the many music video shoots for her song, titled “Boys Don’t Cry”. It is also true that the larger belly draws negative attention towards her, as many people think that it is unattractive and undesirable. Hence, the way in which Prilly Latuconsina has carried her weight has not caused any undue embarrassment to the public.

The other interesting fact about Prilly Latuconsina’s birth date is that it falls on the same day as the famous animated movie, called Dora the Explorer. While this may seem to be a coincidence, there is little doubt that the birthday girl had an early start in the entertainment industry. She is also noteworthy for having the same name as the famous animated character, who happens to be Latucan! Hence, one can safely say that the two have something in common, with the star of the cartoon making an appearance on the birthday party of the young actress.


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