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Priya Anand Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Priya Anand, a first time actor of Bollywood, is perhaps best known for her flawless looks and sexy appeal. She is known for her luscious face, mesmerizing smile and alluring body. Priya Anand was a finalist in the Miss India 2023 beauty pageant held in Mumbai. Though she didn’t win the competition, she was able to garner a good deal of attention for her graceful and lovely personality. This role made her famous in Hollywood and she is currently appearing in numerous well-known movies. Priya Anand Biography

Priya Anand was born in Pitampura, Tamil Nadu, and grew up in the leafy suburbs of Mumbai. She is fond of horses, cars and the outdoors, and is known to be an avid lover of music, cinema, and books. She is also an ardent fan of the Hyderabad Palace and has described her childhood as a paradise away from the hustle and bustle of city life. As a child, Priya Anand was fascinated with the works of world renowned artists and writers like Kamal Amrohi and M.F. Hussain.

Name Priya Anand
Real Name Priya
Pet / Nick Name No Such
Sex Female
Nationality Indian
Profession Film Actress, Model
Origin Not Known
Priya Anand Age (Current) 34 years, 10 month, 9 days
Date Of Birth (DOB) 09/17/1986 (M/D/Y) (M/D/Y)
Birthplace Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Zodiac Sign Not Sure
Star Sign (Nakshatra) Not Sure

Death Details

After college, she shifted to Kolkata and joined the playschool run by her mother. She is described to be extremely sweet and kind, and was often compared to Marla herself. Priya Anand’s notable parents are both from Kerala and moved to Mumbai after marriage. She had previously appeared in a few Telugu dramas. After her parents split up, she spent some time in Delhi, where she appeared in a few movies. After that, she decided to concentrate on her acting career and pursue a career in the theatre.

Priya Anand’s most notable role to date would be that of Ankita Patli in the blockbuster film ‘Aakana’ where she plays the character of a Tamil maid who is sold into slavery. She has been praised for her acting abilities in that film, and later went on to play the same role in ‘Kodambakkam’ as well. Her other Telugu films include ‘Nanban’, ‘Chhotelal’, ‘Chikki Masala’ and most importantly, she was also in the lead role in the critically acclaimed ‘Kattu’ in which she plays the character of Nandu. Even while doing these film roles, Priya Anand has continued to work hard at her acting skills, and she is widely acknowledged for her performances. Most recently, she has been nominated for the Best actress award at the 65th National Awards.

Priya Anand’s life outside the big city has been somewhat hectic as of late. She has always maintained a high social media presence on the internet and is well known among Tamils for her love of cats and her passion for social networking. This most recent development may seem odd for a non Chennai person, but it does make sense for someone accustomed to living in the small town of Chennai. Priya has a bachelor’s degree in English, and is originally from the state of West Bengal. It is common knowledge that her favourite flower is the rose, and that she enjoys watching programmes about art, literature and music, all of which she seems to have a passion for.

Priya Anand’s life outside Chennai has been interesting to say the least. She has, however, maintained a high profile in Indian society as her fans have grown to appreciate her presence and her real name. It would perhaps be interesting to note that Anand’s real name is Anita Pantalonsa, and she has never undergone any change to that name. If the biographies of those who are associated with her, such as her personal assistant Priya Narayan, and even some of the journalists who have written about her, are to be believed, Anand has not used her real name since childhood. In fact, she goes by the pen name of Anita Pantalonsa and is known affectionately in the Indian media as Priya Anand.


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