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Putri Nony Lovyta Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Putri Nony Lovyta is an eccentric character. She is a legendary character in Moldavia, who also doubles as the town’s resident cockroach whisperer, a local expert in identifying roaches, and the town’s late night guard, as well as being the local singer and songwriter. Putri Nony Lovyta is one of Moldavia’s most beloved characters. She is depicted as a Moldavian vixen who has a big house on a hill, surrounded by her own personal pond and chicken farm.

Putri Nony Lovyta was born to an affluent Moldavian family. Her father, Secara meets and falls in love with a Frenchwoman, Mathieu, a maid from their village. They marry and have a son named Maxim who proves to be rebellious towards his parents’ marriage contract. Secara attempts to force him to leave the farm, but he returns, declaring that he will leave only if his brothers agree to leave with him. After much argument, Maxim finally decides to return to his home, leaving behind his riches to his two brothers. One of which…

Secara attempts to kill Maxim, but finds herself unable to complete the deed. The next time she tries, Putri Nony Lovyta arrives at the scene, mortally injured after being smothered by a falling tree stump. She dies in childbirth, unable to carry a child due to the death of her uterus. Shortly thereafter, Putri Nony Lovyta passes on, never to see her husband… or even her son again.

First and last name: Putri Nony Lovyta
Career: Indonesian model
Date of birth: August 12, 1997
Birthplace: unknown
Location: unknown
Current Age: 24
Horoscope sign: Leo

In the meantime, Putri Nony Lovyta, who has been entrusted by her uncle to watch over the infant Chinedu (Cigan) while her uncle is away, overhears a conversation between Chinedu and another man. The conversation takes place as Chinedu is giving his baby boy a bath. In the course of the conversation, Chinedu’s guard goes berserk and accidentally kills the baby. In order to protect the child, Putri Nony Lovyta contacts a lawyer and requests for legal assistance in the matter.

Approaching the attorney, Putri Nony Lovyta realizes that the baby was not drown but died due to a surgical procedure. The surgeon who performed the surgery has been identified as Yura Ignatov. Yura Ignatov is identified as a well known drunkard with a long record of violence towards his former wife and his former step-sister. As Putri Nony Lovyta has been told that her step-sister had witnessed the death of the infant, she decides to investigate Yura Ignatov further…

Following the death of Yura Ignatov (putri nony lovyta) Putri Nony Lovyta goes to meet Ignatov’s former wife, Jigreti. The couple is apparently not speaking. While Jigreti is tending to her husband, Putri Nony Lovyta secretly slips into Ignatov’s room and learns that Ignatov had ordered his own death by shooting himself with his new “death bow” – a weapon designed by his engineer, Dragan. Putri Nony Lovyta then enters Jigreti’s room and kills the “doctor”, killing him in the process.


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