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Raihaanun Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

In 1998 Raihaanun was one of the hottest stars of Southeast Asia, especially in her native Indonesia. She gained international attention when her highly public romance with American actor Russell Crowe came to light. The biographer, Joseph Roux, has followed the actress’ career since then, chronicling her marriage to Crowe and the birth of their first child, Reillemite. Since the publication of his book, interest in Raihaanun has blossomed in the United States and Australia, and her name seems to have been linked to the likes of Julia Roberts, Mickey Mouse and Madonna.

Raihaanun was born in Java in 1965, the daughter of an Indian couple. Her first name begins with an accent that sounds like “rahman” (father) or “ruwaan” (mother), which gives her a hint of both Indian and Indonesian origins. As an actress, she has worked mostly in Indonesia, but throughout her career, Raihaanun has also made appearances in Hong Kong, Britain, Spain, Malaysia, Italy, Germany, India, Switzerland, Belgium and the United States. Raihaanun’s most famous role was in the Indonesian movie “Singapore”, in which she starred alongside former King Kogyambe Amado and her good friend, the late actor Ong Moo Teow. Directed by Ng Kahong, the film was highly successful and popular, spawning four sequels and earning her the leading lady spot in the American version of “Singapore” in the late 1990s.

A recent biography of Raihaanun claims that the actress was not actually born in Singapore but rather lived in the small city of Surabaya, near the Indonesian island of Borneo. According to the book, her real name stems from her parents name, Randa and Wee Yean Soon. The book says that Raihaanun was one of six children born to Randa and Wee Yean, who were originally from Borneo. Her parents, apparently, had emigrated to Singapore when she was only eleven years old. When her parents died, their five children, including Raihaanun, moved to Australia, where her parents left for good.

Short Profile
First Name Raihaanun
Profession Actor
Age 31 years old
Birth Sign Cancer
Birth Date June 7, 1988
Birth Place Indonesia
Country Indonesia

It is believed that Raihaanun’s birth year is unknown, nor is her exact age. There are a lot of theories on how long she has been in Indonesia, and the reason why she is relatively young in the world of movie and theatre is due to the fact that she spent the first seven years of her life in Borneo, where she would have grown up learning about the Indonesian culture, and language. After she was captured by pirates, she was saved by an English trader, whom she refers to as her “fellow merchant”. This would then give her the exposure she needed to learn all that she needed to know about becoming a successful actress in Singapore, even if her real life experience was limited.

While some sources say that Raihaanun began appearing in Singapore films at the age of twenty-one, while others place her at the age of fifteen. Regardless of the year in which she came to be known as a Singaporean actress, it can be said that she is one of the very best known. She has been nominated for the best actress award at the Indonesian Film Festival numerous times, and in the last decade she has also won the top award at the Asia Pacific Oscar Awards. Her extensive resume includes such notable films as Indubitably, My Fair Lady, We Are Marshall, and Swing Low Country.

Raihaanun was born in Sukur, East Java in Indonesia, to Wee Yean and Randa Yul. Her father was a well-known playwright, and her mother was a talented dancer, opera singer, and actress. Raihaanun’s parents divorced when she was very young, and she grew up in Singapore, where she attended the prestigious Ballet School, before going on to study in Paris and London. She has always maintained a love for ballet throughout her life, and since starring in a number of films in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and China, she has built a reputation as an excellent actress and dancer, with the experience to go far in this field.

Since her days in the theater, Raihaanun has gone on to appear in a number of well-known films, including one of her childhood favorites, Indubitably, and a number of commercial spoofs such as the Japanese movie series Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat. She has also played opposite big names such as George Clooney and Steven Spielberg, in several movies and television series. Her credits also include the popular soap opera Gossip Girl, and she has also written several books, most notably the book You Can’t Take it with You. If you want to know more about Raihaanun, or if you are looking for some of her acting and directing credits, check out the Internet. You will find a number of websites that feature this actress, and they often feature photos of her performing.


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