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Rangpur Zilla School Admission Circular 2023 PDF Download

Rangpur Zilla School Admission Circular has been published for the 2023 academic year. Many people find the admission results of Rangpur Zilla School online because the admission authorities publish their results online. Every year, many students fill the application form for admission to the Zilla School and participate in the admission test. Not everyone can study in the Zilla School as there is a lot of competition here. But no one stops to say so. Every student and their parents try their best to get admission in the Rangpur Zilla School. Like every year, this year too, there will be no admission test in the Zilla school.

So how will school students be admitted to Rangpur Zilla in 2023? It is undoubtedly essential for all students and parents who have been waiting so long to get their child admitted to the Zilla school. Rangpur Zilla School is a reputed educational institution in Rangpur, not far from Rangpur city. Students are admitted in two shifts in the third class in this educational institution. And can get all the information about the lottery.

 We are delighted to announce that through this website, you will be the first to know the results of school admissions in Rangpur Zilla as the Zilla schools will publish their admission results through the lottery results website. It is a complicated matter for everyone to find the school’s official website in Rangpur Zilla and download it from there. But we have already published the results on this website to know the results of your admission from here without visiting anywhere.

Rangpur Zilla School Admission Circular 2023 PDF Download

Rangpur Zilla School will start filling the admission form from 15th December, and the last date to fill the admission form is 27th December 2023. Students will be able to fill up the admission form online. Although the name is Rangpur Zilla School, it is a boy’s school where only male students can participate in the admission test and be admitted. Eligibility for Admission Admission Form Filling Rules Rules Admission Form Filling Schedule Lottery Schedule and Lottery Results are mentioned below.

Rangpur Zilla School Admission Results 2023 PDF Download

The admission committee of Rangpur Zilla School and the admission committee of government educational institutions of Rangpur Zilla have confirmed the admission results through the lottery. Congratulations to all the students who participated in the lottery, and sincere thanks to those who got the chance to get admitted. Since there was no admission test this year, any student can get the opportunity to study in the Zilla School. Download the PDF file below and see the list of eligible students for admission.

If you need any more information, please contact Admission Support team of Rangpur Zilla School. We’ll inform you details information after collecting Data from the Authority. Thank you for staying with us.


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