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Rani Moorthy was born in Malaysia. After the race riots of that year her family was trying desperately to emigrated to Singapore, but to no avail. In her adulthood Rani Moorthy went to work in Singapore as a writer, artist and producer but remained primarily interested in film. Rani Moorthy’s most celebrated works are her movies, such as Pillars of the Earth (2021), and No Ordinary Family (2021).

Rani Moorthy was born into a poor family in rural Malaysia. Her father, a prominent lawyer and political activist was very much against the independence movement in Malaysia and encouraged Rani and her brother to leave home. Rani Moorthy moved to Singapore with her brother, where she lived for several years. Rani Moorthy was a highly talented actress during the early part of her career and went on to become one of the best known and respected film actresses here. Rani Moorthy went on to receive many awards for her films in the decades that followed, including an Oscar for Pillars of the Earth (2021) and Best Supporting Actress award for No Ordinary Family (2021). She has also worked on other animated films, such as The Damned United (2021) and Kung Fu Panda: Masters of War (2021).

Rani Moorthy has often discussed how her life has been affected by the role she has played in films, in both Singapore and Malaysia, as well as elsewhere in the world. She has always described her art as influenced by her country’s role in the struggle for women’s freedom and gender equality. Rani Moorthy continued to tour the country as a director, producer and star of stage plays, musicals and films. In more recent times she has focused on the creation of a multi-platform theatre company, called Rani Play.

  • Born: In Malaysia
  • Movie/TV Credits:11
  • First Appeared: In the series Coronation Street 1960-12-09
  • Latest Project: Series Prey 2014-04-28

Rani Moorthy first discovered Rani Trainee while browsing the internet and fell in love with the company’s work. The company offers a very rewarding theatre training programme for young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds who wish to pursue a professional theatre career in the UK. Rani Moorthy trained at the Raffles School of Theatre, which is run by the Auckland Academy of Music and Arts. Rani attended the same theatre school as Joanne Webster, who is a very successful singer, actress and choreographer.

Rani Moorthy’s own works include several feature length films and TV dramas, as well as short TV shows. In her early days she was a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing (the UK version of Australia’s Big Brother), where she was eliminated in the first round but was then given a chance to come back due to the popularity of her second series. Her first feature film was the hit movie Guru, which was a box office hit in India and went on to receive multiple awards at both the British and Oscars ceremonies.

Rani Moorthy has also embarked on several national speaking tours, most notably in England, where she opened for such artists as The Oodles and The Ringer. Rani Moorthy’s acting skills were seen in the popular sitcom Father Time, which was one of the most successful shows in India on television at the time of its broadcast. She has also acted in a number of Indian movies, including Baahubali: The Desolate Area, Zorushka, Anjaaniya, Kya Zindhala, Venna, Durga Puja and many more. Rani Moorthy’s eclectic theatre experience has also lent her the chance to act in some Hollywood films, such as Crazy Heart, Tokyo Girls and Mulan. Rani Moorthy’s eclectic CV and acting repertoire are sure to lend a lot to any young actor’s chance of gaining a break in theatre in India.

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