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Ratu Felisha Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Ratu Felisha Renatya, better known by her aliases Feli or Ratu Felisha is an Indonesian actress and model, best known for her leading role in The Chanting, Something in the Way. She is also known for her roles in Paprika, Tinah and Baklava. Her notable Indonesian films include Granite Girl, Cacne, Keong Kian, Ayam Kapans and Paparikul. Before becoming a famous actress in the arts, she worked as a dancer, singer and actress in the advertising industry.

Ratu Felisha’s early life was spent amongst the mountains of central Java, where she was given a name meaning “striking in the name”. At a tender age, she was discovered by British colonialists in their rubber and tobacco plantations in Java, where she was trained in agricultural and village teaching. As a child, she used to attend temple plays, and later went on to become a singer and dancer in the streets of her village. This is evident in her early work, which centers around singing and dancing, which she used to earn a living by selling her skills to the different troupe organizers. She went on to study acting at the University of Indonesia, which gave her a thorough grounding in both classical and contemporary drama.

In her early years in Indonesia, Ratu Felisha made quite a few films, most notably one titled as Tunk Puana in which she starred alongside Malaysian actor Ong Ka Hui. She went on to star alongside Malaysian actor Ong Kuk dissimilarly, in another film titled as Pura Wiya in which she again starred alongside Ong Ka Hui. Later, she went on to star alongside Ong Ka Hui again in a movie entitled As Intuum, before going onto to play different roles in a string of action flicks that were set in Asia and were mostly shot in Java, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. All of which go on to form her very impressive filmography which resulted in her being nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1997 for her first and last starring role in a Malaysian film.

Short Profile
First Name Ratu
Last Name Felisha
Profession Soap Opera Actress
Age 36 years old
Birth Sign Libra
Birth Date October 16, 1982
Birth Place Indonesia
Country Indonesia

After that, Ratu Felisha had a change of heart, moving to Singapore and playing different characters in a series of commercial advertisements, some of which were directed by her friend and fellow actress Ong Tiong. In most of these films, she was seen as the female tongkat Ali, which was markedly different from the character that went on to be featured in many films in Indonesia. She also went on to star alongside Ong Tiong again in a biopic titled As If You Could See Through the Light, before finally moving into more contemporary roles, such as that of an executioner in a movie titled on a same-titled actress, before finally moving into a more mainstream and prominent role in a movie titled as Ang Hui Ki. All of this was done very well by the excellent cinematographer Ong Tsun Le, who also did an outstanding job as an editor. Ratu Felisha was then cast in a number of films that went onto be successful in the market, including the popular Kung Mangai Teow Ueng in 2023.

Today, Ratu Felisha has become one of the biggest celebrities in the world, thanks largely to her multiple careers, both on and off the soap opera stage. She is today married to American actor Nicholas Cage and has two children. She has also been nominated four times for an Academy Award for her work in both films and television. It has been estimated that Ratu Felisha is now worth over a million dollars, placing her in a similar financial situation to actresses like Reese Witherspoon or Nicole Kidman.


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