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Reece James Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight,personal, physical, career, and wedding life info

Reece James is a football player who plays for the MLS side Sporting Kansas City. He wears the number 11 shirt and has been a regular with the national team. Like many of Sporting Kansas City players, he has a very good standing in the soccer community in America and England. He is known as one of the younger players on the team but always makes an appearance whenever he is called into action. This is to promote the team and show what he can do if given the opportunity.

Birth date:
1999-12-08 (22 years old)

Reece James grew up in Southern California. His parents were very supportive of him and helped to encourage him to pursue his dream of playing football. The support and love that they showed made Reece feel that he was fortunate to be playing football. When he was young, his father would take him and other kids to watch the famous Nike advert. Even when he was very small, people could see that Reece had the ability to be a great football player. He even received letters of encouragement from some of the greatest stars in the sport.

When he was a teenager, he joined the University of California in Los Angeles as a wide receiver. Despite receiving a good scholarship, he soon decided that he wanted to play football even with the college that he had only attended. He signed with the San Francisco 49ers but did not play during the 2021 season. He then signed with the New York Giants but was cut after the start of the new NFL season.

During the off season, he trained with the NFL Athletes in Florida. He impressed coach Tom Coughlin and the rest of the coaching staff with how much training and attention he gave. It was during this time that he was spotted by the then Sporting Kansas City head coach Andy Pegues.

Andy Pegues had a son who also went into football but chose basketball instead. He knew about Reece James and his family. He knew that Reece James had the skills that it takes to be a great football player so he made it known to the rest of the coaching staff that he would be moving his son from football to basketball. In the end, he was awarded the starting position at left tackle.

Reece James has become a very popular athlete because he showed everyone that playing football does pay off. He is now one of the best running backs in football and is getting better with each game that he plays in. He has also signed a five-year contract with the New York Giants and will most likely be playing football for a long time in New York.

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