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Renan Lodi Net Worth, Real Name, Birthday, Biography, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Renan Lodi, also known as Renan Marciano is an entertainer that has been in the modeling industry for quite a few years. Renan has had the honor of working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, such as Katie Holmes, Avril Lavigne and Jennifer Lopez. Renan Lodi’s net worth is currently in excess of $15 million. Renan Lodi has a net worth of almost six figures, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Atletico Madrid
Birth date:
1998-04-08 (23 years old)

Renan Lodi’s net worth has risen over the years because of various factors. Renan has always maintained a positive outlook in life, which has contributed to his steady increase in net worth. Renan Lodi never lost hope despite the many challenges he might have faced in the past. Renan Lodi enjoys spending time with his children, Renan’s two sons and a daughter. Renan Lodi has also had a long history of making charitable donations to various organizations including the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Renan Lodi family has also contributed generous amounts to various foundations, including the Elton John AIDS Foundation, which has saved the lives of many people.

Renan Lodi facts include Renan Lodi’s love for children, his desire to help them grow up healthy, and his love for God. Renan Lodi’s biography was recently launched online at the Hollywood Hermitage where it gained tremendous popularity due to its attractive and eye-catching pictures of Renan Lodi. Renan Lodi’s biographer profiles give a detailed insight into Renan Lodi’s character, life, beliefs, habits, family and friends. Renan Lodi facts also provide information about Renan Lodi’s marriage to actress, Debbie Sarandon and their troubled marriage. Renan Lodi’s other biographies include Facts About Renan Lodi, A Family Affair and Some Things I Did Not Remember.

Renan Lodi’s biography reveals interesting details about the singer/actor’s childhood, his passion for music, how he came to be a child prodigy and how he later married a well-known actress. Renan Lodi’s other biographies also provide information about Renan Lodi’s love for his family, his philanthropy activities, his love for children, his philanthropic work and many other interesting facts. Renan Lodi facts have been compiled into a book entitled, Renan Lodi: The Making of an Actor and it is available at various online bookstores as well as at on-line booksellers.

Renan Lodi’s daughter, Lourdes, is the star of Renan Lodi’s musical group, Renan and Lourdes. Renan Lodi’s son, Joseph, is currently an artist. Renan Lodi’s son, Joseph, now has his own music group, J’Lo, along with his wife, Merci. Renan Lodi’s other daughter, Kathy, is an artist as well. Renan Lodi’s other daughter, Kathy, currently has her own singing career. Renan Lodi’s other daughter, Corin, is married to Kevin Dunn, a well-known stand up comic.

Renan Lodi’s net worth is presently estimated at approximately six million dollars. Renan Lodi trivia provides insight into the life of a star who has been honored with several honors and awards including multiple Grammys and has been nominated three times for Best Actor in a Leading Role. Renan Lodi facts are entertaining and illuminate the private lives of some of our nation’s most famous entertainers and political figures.


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