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Richard Low Net Worth, Real Name, Birthday, Biography, Age, Family

Richard Low is an American stage and screen actor who has appeared in a number of notable films. Richard Low trivia details include: height, weight, biometric measurements, frame data and age. Richard Low biography information include childhood: his mother was English and his father was Jewish. Richard Low had a rather unhappy childhood, growing up as a victim of physical and sexual abuse. Richard Low trivia facts include: he served in the Army and was arrested as an import/export prohibited substances as an adult.

Richard Low trivia facts include: Richard Low’s mother was born in England but according to some accounts was Jewish. Richard Low has written several best selling novels, which have been turned into well known movies such as On the Waterfront, Something For Never and Chinatown. Richard Low played a character in the film Kingpin, the first offshore Chinese film ever made in Hollywood. Richard Low has also worked as a film director and screenwriter and has been known for his script writing work on such movies as Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, A Time To Kill, and The Perfect Score.

Richard Low is said to be of Chinese descent therefore by birth he was a Chinese. Richard Low lived in Singapore as a child and then went on to be an orphan. He was an orphan because of a botched robbery, which resulted in Richard Low being locked in a cupboard. Richard Low was eventually rescued by the Chinese and was brought to Singapore as a child and then grew up in the Asian country.

Richard Low trivia is important to understand how Richard Low came to be known as the “Wang Weiliang” in the second part of his life. This was primarily because Wang Weiliang was a Chinese name which meant “God is blessings great”. Richard Low’s original role was that of the young son of a local merchant family who had the misfortune of coming into the arms of pirates. The name Wang Weiliang was given to Richard Low by his mother after they were liberated by American troops in the late nineteen sixty’s.

Popular As N/A
Occupation Actor
Age 68 years old
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Born 19 June 1952
Birthday 19 June
Birthplace N/A
Nationality Singaporean

Richard Low had joined the Chinese underground network that was recruited to help safeguard the Singharaja temple from attacks by the Japanese forces during World War II. Richard Low was also well known to have assisted the Chinese volunteers who fought alongside American troops in the field. Richard Low’s story was later immortalized in the novel Red Windmill, which was written by Washington Irving.

Richard Low was a member of the elite ninja group called the Akumas. This group of shinobi warriors served as the protectors of the shaolin temple. They were also used to train American servicemen during the war. Richard Low played an important role in the successful prosecution of the Nationalist forces in occupied Singapore. Richard Low served two years as an undercover inspector for the 4th Special Forces Group, which was stationed in Singapore and fought against the Japanese forces.

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