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Top 10 richest people in Bangladesh (Update: October 2023)

Do you know who are the Top 10 Richest People in Bangladesh 2023? Many people of Bangladesh don’t know the Richest People latest update for Bangladesh. Now, we are providing the report where you can see the details of Rich People Ranking and their Net Worth. Also, We have added their Property details like Company Name and Business Identification.

The economic development of a country depends on the businessmen of that country. The more self-reliant and tactical a country is in business, the more advanced they are in the world. Just look at China, this country is slowly becoming the leader of the world economy by beating the United States only in trade disputes. Our country is small, compared to the world economy can be called limestone. Yet the driving force of our economy is in the hands of those businessmen. These traders range from garment traders to real estate company owners. We are organizing today with the top ten business organizations and businessmen in Bangladesh. The prosperity of our economy depends on them.

Top 10 Richest People in Bangladesh October 2023

Bangladesh Army has published a report of the Richest people in Bangladesh recently. In the list, they informed full report of the richest people. You can now get details from the below to know about the Top 10 Rich people in Bangladesh.

1. Musa bin Shamser: He is known as Prince Musa. He is said to be the pioneer of Bangladesh’s manpower export trade. He is the owner of Datco Group. He owns about 950 million.

2. Salman F. Rahman: Founder and owner of Beximco Group. He owns about 600 million.

3. Ahmed Akbar Sobhan: He is the founding owner of Bashundhara Group. He owns about 600 million.

4. MA Hashem: He is the Chairman of Partex Group and UCBL Bank. He owns about 500 million.

5. Azam J Chowdhury: He is the owner of East-Coast Group, Chairman of Prime Bank, and sole agent of Mobil Jamuna Lubricants. He owns about 410 million.

6. Gias Uddin Al Mamun: He is a friend of Tariq Zia. He is a real estate, hotel, and media businessman.

7. Ragib Ali: He is a successful businessman in the tea production business. He is the chairman of South East Bank. He owns about 300 million.

8. Shamsuddin Khan: He is the Chairman and Director of AK Khan & Company Ltd. He also owns about 300 million.

9. Iqbal Ahmed: He is a businessman from Sylhet. He is successful in the seafood business. He is the Chairman and Director of Seamark Group Libco Brothers Ltd. He owns about-250-290 million.

10. Saiful Islam Kamal: He is the Chairman and Director of Navana Ltd. and Navana CNG Ltd. He also owns about  290 million.


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