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Robi Call Divert (Call Forwarding) Activation, Status Check, Cancel Code

Robi Call Forwarding Service is a popular VAS to the user. Robi customers now can Forward or Divert any Call to another Mobile number.  How to divert a call, All Call Divert cancel code and everything is available on the below. With this Value Added Service, a Robi customer can Forward All Call, Call when his/her number unreachable, Busy status. While you will stay out of home or use multiple Phone, under this Service you can move all of the calls to a single number.

Call Forwarding Service charge is same for all operator. It will depend on the customer’s current Package and Call rate. While a call will forward by Robi Call Divert service, regular call charge will apply from the customer Mobile Number. It means both Caller and Call Divert user will charge for a single call. The receiver will not charge any fees for receiving the Divert call. Voice mail service can also activate through Call Divert. So, All Robi customers can send the call to voice mail when he/she feel disturbed or doesn’t want to receive a call.

Robi Call Divert Activation & Cancel Process

If you don’t know your Call Divert Status, check now. Interested customer can Activate service for any specific category or All category.  After checking Call forwarding Status, customers can cancel the Divert quickly. See everything on the below Table.

Divert Options Activate Cancel To Check Status
BUSY * * 67 * DIVERT NUMBER # SEND # # 67 # SEND * # 67 # SEND
NO REPLY * * 61 * DIVERT NUMBER # SEND # # 61 # SEND * # 61 # SEND
ALL CALLS * * 21 * DIVERT NUMBER # SEND # # 21 # SEND * # 21 # SEND

You can cancel ALL DIVERT by pressing # # 002 # code from your Mobile. It will cancel all Call divert which made by you. Activation code of a Divert can cancel with the same code. Just replace the before * button to # button. For any more query, let’s call to Robi customer care number.

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