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Robi Family Pack Bundle Offer 2023 Activation, Manage & Benefits

Robi launched Family Pack Bundle 2023 Under This combo bundle Pack, Robi user can Add Their Family member touse the Talk time, Internet and SMS. Minimum 2 members and a maximum of 5 members can Add on  Family Pack. A number of members can add to Robi Family Pack Will depends on Pack (Bundle) so, before Activating the Family Bundle Pack, See member Permission on the Right side.

At present four different family Pack is available for Robi Customer. First one Started from 344 TK and maximum 1994 TK Pack is available under Robi “ My Family” See all Package and member allow facilities Now. Ther Activate The Best one for you. After successful activation of Robi Family Pack, You will See members add remove and manage options.

What is Robi Family Pack?

Robi Family Pack ( My Family ) is a Combo bundle which a Robi customer can share with his/her family member In a word, Robi customers can Share Minutes, Internet and SMS balance to Other Robi Prepaid and Postpaid customers. My Family or Robi Family Pack can activate or manage through my Robi APP only. See The Package information Details below.

Current update: If you purchase Robi Family Plan Once, you can’t purchase again. When you will click on the Family Plan button to purchase the pack again, you will see you can purchase the pack again after “Old pack expire date”

Basic Plan

  • Data Volume: 4GB
  • Voice Minute: 250 Minutes
  • Free SMS: 300SMS
  • Member Allow: 2 Member
  • Other Benefits: Robi My Sports Family Health insurance
  • Price: 344 TK
  • Validity: 30 Days

Classic Plan

  • Data Volume: 10 GB
  • Voice Minute: 500 Min
  • Free SMS: 400 SMS
  • Member Allow: 3 Member
  • Other Benefits: Robi My Sport’s, Family Health insurance
  • Price: 594 TK
  • Validity: 30 Day’s

Premium Plan

  • Data Volume: 20 GB
  • Voice Minute: 1000 Min
  • Free SMS: 900 SMS
  • Member Allow: 4 member
  • Other Benefits: Robi My Sports, Robi tv, Family Health insurance
  • Price: 994 Tk
  • Validity: 30 Days

Privileged Plan

  • Data Volume: 40GB
  • Voice Minute: 2400 Min
  • Free SMS: 2000 SMS
  • Member Allow: 5 Member
  • Other Benefits: Robi My Sport’s, Robi TV + Family Health Insurance
  • Price: 1994 TK
  • Validity: 30 Day’s

How To Activate Robi Family Pack?

Just Login to my APP and then click on the “My Family” from Quick Link.then See The plan and choose one. Then click Buy a plan to confirm The Purchase. Finally, Click on the confirm button. Your family Plan is ready. You can now add a family member.

How to Add Family Member and Distribute Minute, Data or SMS?

At first, click on the “My Family Balance” and then you will see the Mobile Number Add option. Then, type the mobile Number (Robi Number) you want to add on this Family Pack. Now Select Data, Talk Time Minute and SMS Quota. Then Confirm it. The desire Family member you have just added will receive a confirmation SMS shortly from Robi. Then, the family member can use the Reserved Volume quickly.

Robi Family Pack
Robi Family Pack

Just follow the above instruction and then add a Mobile number. You can add the number with Limit of Internet Volume, Talk Time and SMS. If you need any more information, you can contact us. Just make a comment on the below comment box or use our contact form.

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