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Robi Internet Package 2023: All Robi Mobile Data Offers

Robi Internet OfferRobi Internet Packages 2023 Update: Robi is offering some attractive Internet Package & Internet Offer in 2023. Surprisingly, Robi is offering several data packs for its users who are quite cost-efficient for the users. You know what; the Robi internet offer is one of the most eye-catching packages available in this industry. With the service of the internet, this brand has created much popularity among the net users. So, it is no wonder; we find many people are using these packages. On the other hand, you must focus on the cost of internet data packs. It is because; the price is a very crucial matter. It influences the purchasing decision of the consumers. That is why; we can describe Robi as the most promising brand in the telecom industry.

Like other people, we can be several while using the internet. The reason is so apparent that the uninterrupted connection and fastest speed can make our work quite easier. In this case, you can name Robi as an efficient brand that is much excellent in providing the net to you. After in-depth research work, we have brought a list of internet package of Robi for you. After the National Budget on June 11, the Call Rate & Data Rate increased. So, check out the latest price now.

How can I get Robi Internet pack?

Robi User can get Robi Internet Pack by dialling *4#. While the user will dial this shortcode from the Robi number will see the Robi Internet Pack. Then choose the best internet package for you and activate it by replying to the number. Please be noted that you will see the Regular Data pack only.

Robi All Internet Package List 2023

Robi Internet Package 2023 List has updated. Some new Internet Package added. Also, many existing Internet pack validity changed on the last update. Now, Robi customers can activate any Internet Package at least 3 Days of Validity. As per BTRC notice, All Operators are now providing this minimum Validity (72 hours or 3 days) while activating the Internet Pack.

Robi Internet Offer 2023 (Trending)

Through this article, we are going to present the most lucrative net packages of Robi to enrich your net browsing experience. We hope that you will have amusement while exploring the net world with the help of these packages.

Robi 15 GB Internet Offer

At first, let us reveal one of the packs for you. Robi is offering a 15 GB data pack at the cost of 649 takas. Besides, It will remain valid for 28 days, including the activation day. You can buy it through recharge or dialling *123*649#.

10 GB Internet Offer

Another big data package is 10 GB internet for 399 takas. Besides, You can use it for 28 days. The pack will activate with recharge the exact amount or dialling *123*399#.

A similar kind of net pack is 10 GB data for 199 takas only. But the validity days are only seven days. You must recharge the exact amount or have to dial *123*0199# to activate this pack.

5 GB Internet Offer

Robi has introduced a combo pack like 5 GB regular data and 2 GB 4G data for 399 takas only. The using validity period of this pack is 28 days. You can recharge or dial *123*399# to activate this package.

6 GB Internet Offer

Besides other packs, you can buy 6 GB of data for 148 takas, which will remain valid for seven days. It can get activated by dialling *123*148# or recharging the same amount to your number.

3 GB Internet Offer

It is a combo pack of 3 GB regular data and 1.5 GB 4G data to have a blast in internet browsing. The net will remain valid for seven days. It will get activated by recharging 129 takas or dialling *123*0129#.

By recharging 108 takas or dialling *123*0108#, you can avail 3 GB data from Robi. It will remain valid for seven days only.

4 GB Internet Offer

Through recharging 316 takas, you can get 4 GB of data. Besides, you can activate this pack by dialling *123*316#. You know what; it will be valid for 28 days long.

For postpaid users, Robi has introduced this data pack. You can have 4 GB (Postpaid) data to meet your needs. It will cost you only 316 takas and remain valid for 28 days. If you want to use this pack, then dial *123*316#.

2.5 GB Internet Offer

Besides, you can have a 2.5 GB data pack for 61 days. It will remain valid for three days only. The activation depends on recharge or dialling *123*061#.

2 GB Internet Offer

To maximize your internet using time, you can get 2 GB data only for 54 takas. You can use this data for three days. Like other packages, you can get it through recharge or dialling *123*54#.

It may cost you a little high, but it provides an extended validity period for the users. You can have 2 GB data for 239 takas and remain valid till the 28th You need to dial *123*239# or recharge the same amount to activate this package.

1.5 GB Internet Offer

Some people like to have an extended validity period for using their purchased net. In this case, this package can be very crucial for them. You can get 1.5 GB of data for 209 takas, which will remain valid for 30 days. You dial *123*209# or recharge that much money to your number. After that, the pack will get activated for you.

1.1 GB Internet Offer

By costing 101 takas only, you can get 1.1 GB of data, which will be valid for seven days. Through dialling *123*101# or recharging the same amount, this package will get activated.

Robi Social Internet Package 2023

  • It is social communication pack for you. You can get 1 GB of data to use IMO with a cost of 53 takas. Besides, you can use this data for 28 days. You need to dial *123*056# or recharge the exact amount to do so.
  • Another social pack is 1 GB of data for Facebook and Whatsapp exploration. Besides, you can activate this package by recharging 49 takas or dialling *123*250#. It will remain valid for 30 days.
  • A small pack of 500 MB of data has come on the list from Robi. You can avail of this offer by recharging 31 takas or dialling *123*31#. Besides, it will remain useable for 30 days.
  • Social packs are quite lucrative for users. Another package of this category is 350 MB data for Facebook and Whatsapp exploration. It will cost you 18 takas and remain valid for 28 days.
  • Another small pack is 250 MB data for 46 takas only. You need to recharge the same amount or dial *123*110# to get this pack activated for you.

Internet browsing is now so familiar to the mass people.  Even, we can find that the root level people are using the net to meet their daily needs. Social media has become so familiar to the. That is why; we can say that Robi internet offers can be very crucial for them. It will not cost them much but provide massive data at a cheap rate. So, they will get a secured, fastest, and cost-efficient data package from Robin. As a user, you need to know the details about the packs before making any decision. That is why these offers of Robi are quite fantastic.


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