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Robi Matching Number 2023 – Buy VIP Matching Number at 200 TK

Robi users and non-Robi users both can Buy a Matching number from any Retailer or Robi Sheba Center. The Matching Number Price set 200 TK only. The customer needs to inform the agent about their expected Robi Number which wants to Buy. The Agent will check the eligibility of the desired number and inform the Customer. After all the customer can Buy matching numbers quickly. This is a summary of the whole process. Now, we’ll share detailed information. Robi is the 2nd largest Telco Company in Bangladesh and one of the most popular companies. Day by Day people are joining Robi for their Good Service and offer.

Many People want to buy Mobile Number with their Roll Number, Birthdate, and any other special Day to remember. So, the last 6 digits of a Mobile number is very important to the user. Under this Matching number system, Anyone can Buy Robi Matching Number from their nearest Robi Sheba Center or Robi Easyload point where new SIM cards sold.

Robi Matching Number 2023 Code selection

Robi is now providing different code Matching Numbers to its customers. Basically, 01841, 01842, 01886 are the top code for providing the matching numbers. These three codes are available at any Robi Sheba Center of Bangladesh. 01841 code is for Robi Postpaid Matching Number, 01842, and 01886 is the prepaid matching code. 01841 & 01842 code is available on Main Robi Sheba Center (WIC) and 01886 is available everywhere like a small Retailer point who sells Robi SIM Card. So, first, confirm that which code number sim card you want to buy. Then, visit the desired point to activate this.

How to Check Robi Matching Number Availability?

When you will choose 01841 and 01842 SIM Code, you need to inform the WIC agent to check the Eligibility of Mobile Number. If the number didn’t get by anyone in the past, you can Buy this easily. That means the number is available to buy you can get instantly like the normal SIM card purchase.

If you want to buy 01886 Code Robi number or the WIC (Main Robi Sheba Point) is not available on your Area. So, you need to visit any Robi Retailer to Sell Robi SIM card or Recharge Robi Number. Now, Ask the Retailer to follow the below process to check the availability of Robi Matching Number. You can Buy VIP Robi Number also with this Process. Just make sure that the number is available to buy.

POOL <space> 01886XXYYZZ

Type the message and send it to 4444 from Robi Easyload SIM Card. A reply message will receive to the number immediately that the Number is available or not to Buy. If the number isn’t available, you can check another until get a special Number (VIP Number). If you have selected a number and it is available, now send the below message to make ready the SIM Card.

INST <space> 01886XXYYZZ (You Choose) <space> SIM Serial Number (898800XXXXXXXXXX)

Now, your Number is ready to Activate with Biometric Verification. You will receive New Connection Offer on this Number. If you have any questions or want to know more, let’s inform us via comment. We’ll share details with you soon.


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