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Robi Minutes Pack 2023 (Updated) – All Robi Minute Bundle Offer

Robi Minutes OfferRobi Minutes Pack 2023 March Update: Recently, We’ve added Robi Minutes Pack 2023 with Combo Minutes Bundle Offer. The history reveals that Robi, from the beginning of its journey, has been impacting the Bangladeshi people’s life vastly. It is because; we have seen that the officials of Robi are quite efficient and capable of providing quality service to its users. In the first phase of the telecom industry of Bangladesh, people needed to spend much money to communicate with others through mobile phones. After entering the various telecom operators like Robi, the scenario of this industry has changed a lot. The business has diverted from product orientation to consumer orientation. In this continuation, they are offering various tremendous packs to their users. Like other fabulous offers, Robi is offering several minutes packs for its users.

You know what; the Robi minute offer is the real cost valid and eye-catching for the users. As a frequent user of Robi, you will get massive amusement through this minute bundle offer. The fact is that the market is quite competitive, and every company wants to grab the largest market share. That is why; Robi is putting all its efforts to satisfy its customers.

Robi Minute Offer 2023 (Updated)

We have already learned that Robi is very creative and efficient to design offers for the users. In this continuation, we can name the Robi minute offer as a unique bundle package that will not cost you high in comparison with other telecom operators of Bangladesh. In this offer, you will get a bulk amount of minutes to talk with your family, friends, and other business associates.

On the other hand, you will no need to worry thinking about the cost of these offers. The most important fact is that, in our study, we have found that Robi always remains less pricey in comparison with other operators. Let’s have a thorough look at the details of the Robi minute offer in the following lines.

Minutes Pack Price Validity Activation
11 Minutes 7 BDT 6 Hours *0*1#
23 Minutes 14 BDT 16 Hours *0*2#
40 Minutes 24 BDT 2 Days *0*3#
52 Minutes 33 BDT 2 Days *0*4#
95 Minutes 59 BDT 7 Days *0*5#
170 Minutes 99 BDT 7 Days *0*6#
335 Minutes 194 BDT 30 Days *0*7#
5GB, 500Min & 100 SMS 599 BDT 30 Days *123*599#
2GB, 150Min & 150 SMS 251 BDT 28 Days *123*251#
475 Minutes + 1 GB Internet 278 BDT 30 Days Recharge
700MB, 25 Min & 25 SMS 58 BDT 7 Days *123*058#
1000 Minutes & 1 GB Internet 574 BDT 30 Days Recharge

70 Minutes Offer

In this pack, you will get 70 minutes to talk with others. You know what; we have started our details from low to high. That is why this pack will be one of the small categories. The cost of this bundle minute pack is only 43 takas. It will remain valid for four days. If you desire to activate this pack, then you need to recharge the same amount to your Robi number.

80 Minutes Offer

You know what; this offer is only applicable the postpaid users. The bundle offer contains 80 minutes, which will remain valid for seven days. To activate this offer to your postpaid number, you have to dial *0*4#.

95 Minutes Offers

In this pack, users will attain 95 minutes to talk with their contacts. The cost of this minute pack is very reasonable. It will cost you only 59 takas. Besides, the offer pack will remain valid for seven days. If you want to activate this minute pack, then just dial*0*5#.

105 Minutes Offer

With a cost of only 64 takas, you can attain this bundle pack to your account. You can get 105 minutes to talk with others. The validity period is precisely seven days. It will include the activation day. With a recharge of 64 takas, this package will automatically get activated for you.

170 Minutes offer

Another small category minute offer is this bundle. You can get 170 minutes to your account by costing only 99 takas. Besides, the validity period of this pack is not quite long. It will remain valid for only seven days. You can activate this minute pack by dialling *0*6#.

205 Minutes Offer

The validity period of this offer is little in comparison with another minute pack of the little high cost. In this pack, you can consume the minutes within ten days validity period. You have to spend 118 takas to buy this minute pack by recharging the same amount on your Robi number.

335 Minutes Offer

In this pack, you will get 335 bundle minutes. You know what; you can talk with any operator’s number within the validity period. The validity period for this offer is only 30 days. But, you can still use the remaining minutes if you activate another minute pack within the validity period. Robi will take only 194 takas from your account as a cost of this minute pack. You need to dial *0*7# to activate this offer.

360 Minutes Offer

The large bundle is the most effective offers for the users. It will reduce the overall cost and provides massive minutes to talk. In this pack, you will find 360 minutes with a price of only 218 takas. You need to recharge the same amount to activate this package on your account.

380 Minutes Offer

Among all other minute offers, it is the most extensive offer for the users. Robi has introduced a bundle minute pack to enrich the customers talking facility. Besides, the cost will reduce respectively. In this minute offer, you will get 380 minutes. But, you do not need to worry. It is because; the cost of this offer is very reasonable and is only 244 takas. You can use the minutes up to 30 days from the activation time. If you want to activate this offer, then recharge precisely the same amount to your numbers.

Robi, as a brand, has got immense fame for innovative ideas in business and personal offers. That is why; it has grabbed a handsome market share of the telecom industry. The primary goal of Robi is to provide better quality communication service to its users. In this continuation, we can find the Robi minute offers for the users. One thing you will need to keep in mind that you can use the minutes to talk with any operator’s number.

Besides, the cost of these offers is quite reasonable in comparison with other telecom operators in Bangladesh. The thing that will amuse you most is the high-quality network system of Robi. From every corner of this country, you will get a satisfactory network system in the same way; Robi has invested lots of money to improve the service. That is why, over time, Robi has emerged as the most promising brand in Bangladesh.


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