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Robi SMS Pack 2023 Any Number 30 Days Validity

Robi SMS OfferRobi, All SMS Bundle Offer 2023 with Regular SMS Pack, is added here in a place. With outstanding offers and quality network, Robi is creating a history in the telecom industry of Bangladesh. Here, the significant impact of Robi on consumer’s daily life is the value of adding services. In this continuation, we will discuss the Robi SMS pack, which is tremendously grabbing the mobile phone user’s attention and making them loyal to Robi. You know what, the Robi SMS pack contains some unique offers, which are quite rare among the competitors. That is why Robi has got a reasonable market share in the telecom industry of Bangladesh. You will find this brand as the most highly competitive and competent brand in this country.

As a user, you will always take it nicely, which contains a cost-effective way to satisfy your needs. In these modern days, we cannot think of any communication without a written message. That is why sending SMS is not a new trend, but it has got a higher level of attention through cost minimization. In this way, we see that various telecom companies are offering numerous packs to satisfy customer’s needs in a low-cost way. We always recommend our Visitor to activate the best SMS Offer on their Robi Prepaid Number. It offers various Packs for Individual and Regular customers.

Robi SMS Bundle 2023

In the past, communication usually took hardship to build a whole network. But the success rate was not good enough. Now, that age-old tradition has gone passed. In today’s world, we are very much competent to communicate with others without putting much effort. So, telecom companies are offering various services to enrich people’s ways of communication. In the same way, the leading mobile operator Robi is providing quality communication system to its users in Bangladesh. Now, in this article, we are keen to discuss the Robi SMS pack. Let’s see the details regarding those packs in a brief discussion.

SMS Pack Name Price (BDT) Activation Code Validity
10 SMS (Any Net) 1 *8666*1# 1 hour
20 SMS (On-Off Net) 3 *8666*40# 1 hour
100 (Any Net) 6.9 *123*6*5*4# 1 day
100+20 MB (Any Net) 5 *123*6*6*3# 1 day
100 (Off-Net) 10 *8666*1000# 1 day
100 (On NET) 5 *8666*5555# 2 days
200 (Any Operator) 5 *123*2*7*1# 30 day
200 (Prepaid) 10 *123*6*5*6# 3 days
250 (Robi-Robi/Airtel) 15 *8666*07# 7 days
350 SMS + 60 MB 15 *123*6*6*4# 3 days
400 SMS (Any Operator) 12.18 *123*6*5*6# 1 day
500 (Any Operator) 10 *123*2*7*2# 30 days
500 (Postpaid) 12.18 *123*2*2*1# 30 days
500 (USSD) 12 *123*6*5*2# 1 day
500 (Local) 5 *123*223# 1 day
900 (Any Operator) 30.44 *8666*25# 30 days
1000 (Postpaid) 18.26 *123*2*2*2# 30 days
1500 SMS (Any Operator) 20 *123*2*7*3# 30 days
1800 (On Net) 158.28 *8666*15000# 28 days

Robi Any Number SMS Pack 2023

At first, we will present the cheapest SMS pack for you. In this pack, you will get 10 SMS by costing only 1 taka. Here, the fact is you will not get any cheap package like this in any other telecom operation of Bangladesh. You know what; the packaging will remain valid for only one hour. Within this time, you have to consume all the SMS. Otherwise, the rest SMS will get automatically deducted from your account. If you want to activate this numeric pack, then you will need to dial *8666*1#. One thing, you need to store in mind that this SMS pack is applicable to send a text message to any operator according to your needs.

180 SMS 5 TK Offer

Now, it is time to discuss a large bundle in front of you. In this pack, you will get 180 SMS for 5 takas only. The most crucial matter which will amuse you is that it will remain valid for 30 days long. So, you will have the scope to use the SMS based on your needs wisely. You know what, the long validity period is quite essential to utilize the facilities properly. You can send SMS to any operator you want. Here, you will have that opportunity to do so. After dialling *123*2*7*1#, you can get run this pack on your account.

450 SMS 10 TK Offer

Nothing can beat the offers of Robi if we consider the cost-efficiency. You know what, Robi is the only telecom operator whose rate is cheapest in comparison with other companies. You can avail of lots of services at low prices. In this pack, you will get a bundle of 450 SMS by costing only 10 takas. Besides, the validity period of this pack is quite long. You know what; you will get 30 days to consume all the SMS. A user of this pack can send SMS to any operation based on their need. To activate this offer, you will need to dial *123*2*7*2#. After that, the company will deduct 10 takas and add 450 SMS to your account automatically. The price includes all the taxes.

Robi 1400 SMS 20 TK Offer

Among other packs, it can make you entirely satisfied. You know what; in this pack, you will get 1400 SMS, which will remain valid for 30 days. It means that you have got sufficient time to consume all the SMS. Besides, we can ensure that the text message can be very delightful for you. The most important fact is that you can send a text message to any mobile phone operator according to your needs. You know what, this pack will be most suitable for the SMS users who love to send a text message to their beloveds.

On the other hand, it will cost you only 20 takas so far. So, you can easily understand how low cost the pack is to satisfy your needs. Here, you need to dial *123*2*7*3# to activate this pack.

Robi Unlimited SMS Pack

It is the most surprising offer for Robi network users. You know what, those who have subscribed as Robi unlimited FNF users can avail of this offer. In this pack, this type of subscriber has the scope to send a universal text message to FNF numbers. So, counting the name is quite useless here. One thing you will get as a fantastic offer is that unlimited SMS is quite lovely to use. Besides, the cost of this pack is not so high, and anyone can afford it. You know what; it will cost you only 13.39 takas including VAT, SD, & SC. If you want to activate this numeric offer, then dial *8666*005#, and this pack will get activated for you.

Robi SMS Pack for My Robi App user

My Robi App users can Purchase the SMS bundle from My Robi App. Just open the App and click on the Bundle Button. Robi 500 SMS 10 TK Pack is available on My Robi App. Just Scroll down the below after the Combo Bundle to see this SMS Pack. Then click on the Buy button to complete the Purchase. It will be activated automatically. You can check the SMS Balance on the My Robi App and also via USSD Code dialling (*222*12#).

Since the beginning of the journey, Robi is trying to enrich people’s life by providing quality services. In this way, users are getting the most effective and efficient network technology of Robi. On the other hand, this telecom operator has got various offers at a low cost to make its users satisfied. That is why; we see that people are very much loyal to the brand name Robi. In the same way, the Robi SMS pack contains all the loveable features to satisfy the needs of the users properly. As a user of Robi, you can avail of any suitable package from the offer and have a pleasant experience of sending text messages.

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