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Rokeya Prachy is an award winning actress and director from Bangladesh. Rokeya is an Indian actress, Pakistani screenwriter and director. Rokeya Prachy Biography, Education, career, personal life and so on. Learn facts about Rokeya Prachy net worth, age, ethnicity, career, social networking accounts, i.e. Instagram, Twitter and Family.

NameRokeya Prachy
Real NameRokeya Prachy
Pet / Nick NameNo Such Pet Names Yet
SexNot Known
ProfessionActress, Director

Age, Dob, Birthplace, zodiac, star sign

Rokeya Prachy Age (Current)Replace Age Counter
Date Of Birth (DOB)3 April (M/D/Y) (M/D/Y)
Zodiac SignLeo
Star Sign (Nakshatra)Not Sure

Rokeya Prachy Biography Rokeya Prachy was born in a family of six in a locality of Rokeya Village in West Bengal, India. Rokeya started her film career after appearing in a television program entitled “Chup Killa”. Rokeya then appeared in various television programs, which earned her a number of accolades and awards including the “Woman of Culture” title for her work in that show. Rokeya then appeared in “Babu” which won her another Academy Award for her work. Rokeya then went on to appear in the films “Singh in King” and “Love Actually” and “Lion King”. Rokeya also appeared in some TV serials and popular television programs in India.

Rokeya Prachy Net Worth Rokeya Prachy’s most popular film roles were those in “Babu” and “Lion King”. Rokeya was nominated for abuse of best actress in the same category in the 2021 South Asian film “Singh in King”. Rokeya later appeared in “Kurban” as a supporting character and then again in the sequel “Lion King: The Chronicles of Rooster Cogburn” for which she was nominated for abuse of best actress in the same category.

Awards and Recognitions Rokeya has also been nominated for various awards and honors including the Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Supporting Actress at the Satellite Awards. She has also won various other awards including the Satellite Award for Outstanding Actress at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. Rokeya has also been nominated several times for the Filmfare Awards for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Rokeya was also one of the few a stand-in for Annette Benning in the movie “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” as well as the film “The Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Career Postures Rokeya is known for her amazing good looks and stunning body, which have endeared her to several Hollywood superstars. She began her career as an actress after she completed college and began working with varying degrees of success. She then moved into films, playing different characters such as a sexy nurse in the movie “All About Eve” before moving into more mainstream roles in the late eighties and early nineties, including a love interest for Bruce Willis’ son in the film “A Few Good Men”. She later went on to play an abused wife in the award winning film “Personal Heart”. Rokeya then starred in the television drama “MacGyver” and the fantasy-thriller” Merlin”.

Rokeya is best known for her roles in action-adventures, high-budget films and television serials. Rokeya’s current career is focused on the Japanese high-budget science-fiction television series “BDizzle”. Rokeya has also appeared in a few Korean films made by Park Chan-Jong. Her notable role in the latter was as Hyang-Soo, a martial arts expert who appears in the first episode of the show. Rokeya is also known for her appearances in the Indian soap “Dhoom Reloaded” as Shimla, the resident town of theatu, and in the video game “Onyx”.

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