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Roza Vasilishina Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Husband, Biography, Dating

Roza Vasilishina is a famous Ukrainian actress and model. Roza Vasilishina is a part of popular social networking site Instagram. Roza Vasilishina is well-known for her red carpet interviews and photo shoots. Roza Vasilishina is the founder and owner of Roza Vasilishina Limited.

Roza Vasilishina is a tall beautiful model from Ukraine. Roza Vasilishina has become an established name in the field of fashion and entertainment. Roza Vasilishina started her career in 1994 at age twenty-two, when she appeared in RTR studios in Russia. Roza Vasilishina has gone through different stages in her modeling career and achieved success in all areas.

Roza Vasilishina Facts. Roza Vasilishina height is not known to be accurate since some sources do not mention her height and other sources do not mention her height. Roza Vasilishina’s real name is Elena Goreshtok. Elena is her Nick name. Roza Vasilishina’s real father is Victor Vasilishin, a famous Russian writer and director.

Roza Vasilishina’s early life was not full of success and she was often scorned by other models. But as she became more successful, she also became more attractive and desirable. Roza Vasilishina’s real father Victor Vasilishin passed away in 2023. His death left Roza with a void that she had to fill in order to develop into the person she has become today.

Roza Vasilishina Facts. Roza Vasilishina is a model that has achieved international recognition as one of the sexiest Russian women. She is also a talented singer. Roza Vasilishina was born in Augustusov in Ukraine. She gained international attention when Maxim magazine did an expose on her in 2023.

Roza Vasilishina’s net worth has since risen because of her modeling career. She has appeared in many films and TV programs, some of which were made in Russia and are receiving great acclaim in both countries. Her most famous film role was in The Insider, which was later made into a sequel. Roza Vasilishina has also been nominated for Grammys. Her resume also includes parts in a number of English movies and also the award winning documentary, Chavez. Roza Vasilishina’s name is often linked to that of Hollywood’s most successful actresses of our time, due to her stunning looks and dark brown eyes.

Popular As Roza Vasilishina
Occupation Instagram Star
Age 26 years
Zodiac Sign Leo
Born August 6, 1994 (Russia)
Birthday August 6
Town/City Russia

Roza Vasilishina’s Height and Weight Fact. Roza Vasilishina is believed to be around four feet two inches tall and weighs 118 pounds. Roza Vasilishina’s official estimated net worth is $2 million dollars.

Physical Status
Body Measurements Not Available
Eye Color Not Available
Hair Color Not Available
Shoe Size N/A
Dress Size N/A

Roza Vasilishina’s Personal Details and Body Measurements. Roza Vasilishina is a beautiful Russian woman who is known for her beauty and stunning body measurements. Roza Vasilishina is a popular model and actress in Russia. This is in spite of the fact that she is not considered an elite beauty in her country. Roza Vasilishina’s official estimated net worth is not much more than the modest earnings of a common laborer in a small town.

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