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Ruben Aguilar Net Worth, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Ruben Aguilar is currently a youth soccer coach with the Barcelona first team. Ruben started playing soccer when he was just six years old. After turning professional, Ruben has coached several youth teams in the Spanish second division as well as with the Barcelona first team. Ruben Aguilar’s younger brother, Paco, also plays for the club. Paco made a name for himself as one of the top goal scorers in the history of the Spanish National team, earning him a call up to the Spain national team in 2021. Ruben Aguilar played for the Spanish U-20s in the countries cup and was promptly called up to the senior team, where he is still in training now.

Ruben Aguilar’s family came to the United States as illegal immigrants when he was very young. They settled in Chicago and Paco became a good student and player in the local schools. Eventually, however, both left to pursue soccer professionally. Although both enjoyed their careers, neither was offered a scholarship by the college they attended because of their illegal status. This is largely forgotten Aguilar biography.

Firstname: Ruben
Surname: Aguilar
Team: Monaco
National:  France
Position: Defender
Height: 172cm
Weight :71kg
Birth date: 1993-04-26 (28 years old)

During the early 1980’s, Paco Aguilar was illegally brought into the United States by a Mexican illegal immigrant. Although many Americans were concerned about the violence in Mexico at that time, no one thought to intercede with the Mexican government to help the five Americans who had been illegally brought into the country. Ruben Aguilar’s father, Ruben Jr., was not a violent person, but rather, had crossed the Mexican border to work for a drug lord who was in charge of protecting his drug crop in Mexico. Ruben Aguilar’s mother, along with all other members of her family, had been forcibly removed from their home and sent to live in Mexico City.

As an adult, Aguilar says that he was deeply disturbed by the American government’s failure to help the two boys who had been brought into the country illegally. He claims that his father would sell papers containing false information so that he could be taken to America and given work. Ruben Aguilar’s father, along with several other men, were convicted of criminal offenses in what the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement called “the crack cocaine epidemic of Chicago.”

Ruben Aguilar has become something of a celebrity in his native Mexico, although he remains in hiding. He was married to former Miss Honduras before he decided to come to the United States. He worked in newspaper commercials and worked as an actor on television. He claims that he never took his dream to the United States, but that he would have if given the chance.

Ruben Aguilar now works as a motivational speaker and lives in California. He says that he feels fortunate that he was given a second chance at life after he was denied the chance to come to the United States when he was a young man. He now wants to help make sure that other people who are in similar situations as he was given the opportunity to make something of themselves. “If I can do it, anyone can,” he says. “I believe in giving opportunities, even to those who have been persecuted for a life time.”

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