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Russian Language Day (Russian translation) is celebrated annually throughout the world on the day of June 6. The occasion was founded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Russian speakers around the world celebrate this day to celebrate their language. If you want to know more about Russian Language Day Activities, then read on!

On this day Russian President Mr. Valerian Yarovin attends the International Culture and Education Festival in Moscow. In his speech he recalls the attempts made by Russian people to overcome cultural diversity, such as the meeting of two American servicemen in Ural Mountains who were trying to understand the Russian people. According to the president those efforts had shown that Russian people are ready to live and let live in order to create equal use of all languages and cultures. He further recalled how the integration of the Russian culture in the American society had raised the level of understanding of Russian people. Russian Language Day strengthens cooperation among all Russian speakers and also encourages cultural diversity.

On Russian Language Day, different Russian speakers and Russian cultural organizations around the world organize different programs on language and culture. Some organizations conduct special classes for children, teenagers and adults, while others organize trips to Russian lands, vacations and cultural exchange activities. All these activities are to promote equal use of all Russian languages and cultures throughout the world. In most cases, the organizers use the names of Russian cities or regions during the celebrations.

The main aim of Russian Language Day is to encourage greater efforts to promote and encourage learning Russian, to reduce the level of global tension, and to build global friendship. On that day the American Learning Russian Association holds an international seminar in New York. This event is organized by The Russian Learning Institute.

There are many ways to celebrate Russian Language Day. The Russian Culture and Knowledge Exhibition, co-hosted by The Russian Learning Institute and Eau Gallerie, London, from May to June 2023 will feature a series of lectures and other activities focusing on various languages, cultures and their usage around the world. Another similar event is held in Bishkek, Mongolia in the same year. There are also many cultural events occurring all over the world, some of them using music and dance, some using martial arts.

Besides the above mentioned events, there are also many other ways and means to celebrate Russian Language Day. A number of Russian literature and cultural exhibitions are also organized all around the world. There are also many Russian newspapers, magazines and book publishers who are celebrating this special day with special supplements. Russian speakers around the world make speeches and write articles in Russian at public gatherings and conferences. All these activities make Russian Language Day an unforgettable one for the Russian speakers and lovers around the world.


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