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Sarah Azhari Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Sarah Azhari is an Indonesian singer, model and actor. She is half Scandinavian and half-Armenian. She was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her acting work has also caused a bit of controversy in Indonesia. Born in England to parents who were of Indian descent, she was first brought up in segregated Singapore.

Sarah Azhari’s parents sent her to boarding school when she was six years old. While in school, she gained a decent start in the modeling business, working for Rufus Youngerman, whom she had known since she was very young. But it was at the age of 18, that she began to make a name for herself in the film industry, playing the lead role in the movie called “Blue Hawaii”. Her first big break came in the form of a role in the television series called “MacGyver” as a consultant to the US military. From there she went on to play opposite Gene Hackman in the movie “A Few Good Men”, and then starred in the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” as an Australian actress.

Since then Sarah Azhari has gone on to appear in some more blockbuster movies such as “The Perfect Weapon”, “Men”, “X Men” and the TV series “Heroes”. Her career in the film industry seems to be at a halt, though, due to her untimely age. However, in late 2023, Sarah Azhari made a guest appearance on an episode of “The Simpsons” as herself. The cartoonish character she portrayed was none other than herself.

In her appearance on the show, Sarah Azhari was not only seen by the writers but also by the entire audience. Although it is unlikely that Sarah Azhari’s appearance on the popular sitcom “The Simpsons” was going to drastically affect her ability to find work, her appearance did raise her profile and therefore afforded her the opportunity to be profiled in an annual financial magazine. The magazine, Forbes, estimated the actress’ annual salary at between forty and fifty million dollars. This was based on the actress’ previous roles, as well as her performance in the animated film, Kingpin. The Forbes report also did not include information regarding any additional roles she might have gained since her “Simpsons” appearance.

Short Profile
First Name Sarah
Last Name Azhari
Profession Movie Actress
Age 42 years old
Birth Sign Gemini
Birth Date June 16, 1977
Birth Place Jakarta, Indonesia
Country Indonesia

In another photograph, taken by her sister, Sarah Azhari was seen wearing a pink bikini while with her sister at an Indonesian beach. The two were standing next to a palm tree, and Azahi was leaning toward her sister while holding onto the railing of the sand with her hands. In another picture, taken by another of Azhmaari and her sister at a friend’s house, the actress was leaning against a wall while talking to the friend. Sarah Azhari’s current location is unknown.

Based upon the information provided in this article, it appears that Sarah Azhari has an extensive filmography as a child. She has been married to different men throughout her life, and is currently the mother of three children. Her most notable role to date is that of Nelly Furtado in the movie, The Great Bingo Millionaire. It is unclear whether or not Sarah Azhari will ever be able to achieve the same level of stardom that she has attained in the entertainment industry, but one thing is for certain: her name remains synonymous with Indonesian cinema.


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