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Sausan Machari Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Sausan Machari grew up studying dance, singing and playing the piano. She then attended the prestigious San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, where she became known for her graceful style of footwork. In 1986, Machari moved to New York City to pursue acting, and in less than a year she was cast in the film Last Second. Her first film role was in the lead role of Nola Darling in Hati Ke Hati, but it was later replaced by Christoph Waltz in the spin-off Hiding from Me.

Following the footsteps of precocious actress Danialy Espinal, Sausan Machari soon went on to play the lead role in the hit film Baby Boom. The following film, Hati Ke Hati, saw her taking on a more major role, that of Nola Darling in the spin-off Hiding from Me. It was here that Machari’s unique vocal talents would shine through, and the soft-spoken sensual singer/dancer was cast as one of the main characters in the film. The movie’s storyline is centered on the life of Nola, a young woman who marries an alcoholic warlord, Tunde Idiagdon, and lives with him in Lagos, Nigeria.

Net Worth $7 Million
Profession Actress
Nicknames Sausan Machari, Machari, Sausa

The third film in the loosely based loosely linked franchise of the Tomb Raider series, Tomb Raider: The Guru, saw Sausan Machari once again reprise her role as Nava. However, this time around, Nava returns as a vengeance killing her ex-lover, Kiki. The late Yul Brynner was also due to return as Ezhnuba, however he passed away before the movie’s release. No specific reason was given for his passing, but many believed it to be a decision driven by his untimely death.

The third Tomb Raider film in the series sees the introduction of a new character, whom we will meet as Oktoberfest, a merchant who works with Nava. The story revolves around Nava’s search for a mythical “Volen”. Volen is said to dwell at the south eastern mountains of Java, where Oktoberfest makes its yearly journey. Along with fellow travelers, they attempt to retrace the steps of the legendary hero, Daruma. As they do, they encounter an evil witch, Hagani, who tries to kill them.

In the meantime, Oktoberfest travels to Manda, where they meet the female warrior, Lintu. Lintu’s husband, Jusuru, sends her sister, Tengah, on a mission to find the elusive Volen. With help from a Buddhist monk (Kris Manohar), they are able to retrieve the amulet used by Daruma, which has magical powers. But the amulet is stolen by Daruma’s rival, Lintu’s rival, Kuek, and he assumes complete control of Manda. When Lintu and Oktoberfest return, they are greeted by Jusuru, who intends to kill them both, but Oktoberfest transforms into a dragon and defeats Jusuru.

The film then chronicles the efforts of Lintu and Oktoberfest to free Daruma from Lintu’s control, as well as the eventual failure of their efforts. Although the film is largely in Indonesian, most of its dialogue is in English. This is perhaps due to the multi-lingual cast, and to the widespread interest in the film in Indonesia, particularly in cities such as Jakarta and Surabaya, the capital and largest city in eastern Indonesia. Overall, Sausan Machari: The Seed of Love is a charming, heartfelt film that will make Indonesian audiences look again at their favorite fantasy films.


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