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Sawyer Sweeten Net Worth, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Sawyer Sweeten is a singer, actress, and model best known for her work with Waxahatchee Records, as well as her numerous appearances on television. She has an estimated salary of around $20k per year. Sawyer Sweeten is from a musical family; her parents are musicians and her older brother is a guitarist. She grew up in a small house on a dirt road in rural Washington. She attended theulates Bell Academy, where she earned a degree in drama.

Sawyer Sweeten is currently appearing on the television show, Growing up Gotti, playing the mother of two children. She has been cast as both a parent and a sibling. She was also one of the few celebrities to be profiled in the hit documentary by Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates. Sawyer Sweeten has also had some small acting appearances in films such as We Are Marshall, The Perfect Score, and The Pursuit of Happyness.

Sawyer Sweeten is biracial, giving her the ability to play the part of both a Caucasian and a black person at the same time. Sawyer Sweeten’s real name is Robinette Whitlock. Her birth sign is a constellation of five (5) ranging from left, center, right, and back. Sawyer Sweeten knows that her middle name, which is actually downstream from her name, should be pronounced “seeing as it is the back of her jaw bone that bears that name”. In the television show, she is played by actress April Carriero, and in the film she is played by Apriletta Costello.

Short Profile
First NameSawyer
Last NameSweeten
ProfessionTV Actor
Birth SignTaurus
Birth DateMay 12, 1995
Birth PlaceBrownwood, TX
DiedApr 23, 2015 ( age 19)

Sawyer Sweeten’s real father is a contractor, and she was born in Washington D.C. Her real mother is named Agnes Scott, and Sawyer’s step-father is John Scott. Sawyer Sweeten had claimed in the past that her birthmark is a wolf-head, which goes to prove that she is not a member of the clan of witches as some believe. Sawyer Sweeten is described as being extremely pale with pale blue eyes.

Sawyer Sweeten was born and raised in Washington D.C., as was her half-sister, April Carriero. Both girls were two years older than Sawyer Sweeten, and both girls are said to be of average intelligence. In the book, April Carriero is mentioned as saying that Sawyer Sweeten “is smarter than she looks, but I suppose that comes with the territory.” Sawyer Sweeten and her siblings have been mentioned as being very close with their biological father, and are referred to as his “children” in the family.

Sawyer Sweeten was four feet tall and weighed thirty pounds when she was born. Her mother told biographer W. Clement Stone that Sawyer Sweeten was very often left in the care of older men while she tended to her sisters and other dependents. Sawyer Sweeten’s biological father, Austin Sawyer, was a man who worked as a surveyor along the Columbia River in upper Washington and had two teenage girls with whom he had children. It appears that he did not see Sawyer for a couple of years after they were born, probably because of financial difficulties. Sawyer Sweeten lived in Washington D.C. up until she was nineteen years old, when her family moved toampa, Florida.

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