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Sean Young Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Sean Young is a professional American football defensive end from the University of Alabama. He was a four-year starter on the Alabama football team. Sean Young was selected in the first round (ninth overall) of the 2006 NFL draft by the Chicago Bears. Sean Young’s playing career spanned ten seasons with the Chicago Bears.

Sean Young is also known by the name Sean squared. He has been nominated for Grammys in four of his ten years of acting in television. Sean Young has been listed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times. Sean Young has been listed as one of the most popular male actors in history, according to “The Greatest Celebrity memoirs” by Steve McQueen and Rickey Bolton.

Sean Young has been portrayed by several other famous movie actresses. She was known to be married to Marlon Brando in the famous film “Beverly Hills Cop”. She was also briefly engaged to James Dean during the filming of “Bonnie and Clyde” in 1960. Her other early life also included engagements to Richard Nixon and Richard Burton.

Sean Young is currently contracted by Universal Pictures to produce and direct a project called “MT Blanca”. The film is to be set in the Mediterranean Sea and is expected to begin shooting in the summer of 2009. Sean Young is repped by WME and reps of both Weinstein Co. and Participant Media. Sean Young’s first film after being a celebrated award winner was the award winning drama “When Harry Met Sally”. Sean Young has also appeared in a number of other successful movie movies including the Michael Winner directed “A Few Good Men” and Donaghy Woods directed “A Few Good Men”.

In addition to her acting prowess Sean Young has also been an accomplished painter. She has been the subject of many paintings by contemporary artists including Edvard Munch and Andy Warhol. She has sold a large number of paintings for both her art as well as commercial success.

Sean Young has definitely built a name for herself in Hollywood. She is a young, net worth Hollywood star who has managed to maintain a high level of respectability in spite of being just a few years older than the average Hollywood star. She has managed to hold her own against the more experienced and known stars of Hollywood. She is definitely a name that should be recognized among Hollywood insiders.

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