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Shabana Azmi Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Wiki & More

Shabana Azmiya is an award winning actress, famous Indian actress, theatre actress, television actress and political activist who primarily notable for her amazing work in Bollywood films. She was born at Hyderabad, India on 18th Sept, 1950. Shabana Azmiya has also appeared in Rajkumar (Movie), Khosla (Movie), Jodha Akbar, Mumbai Vice Pathers (Movie), Bhaagva (Comedy), Dayal Samadhi, Hyderabad Hameez, Karan Johar, Aurangzeb sahaswara, Dibakkan, Shabar Talky, Mumbai Kaishik (TV Series), Dharamshala, Dil Se, Hoothaar (TV Series), Ani Zindoor and many more. Shabana Azmiya has also been nominated for the best actress category in the Golden Globes, MTV Movie Awards, Satellite Awards and other awards festivals. Her varied and award winning roles have made her one of the most popular and highest paid actresses in India.

Height5 ft 6 in
Weight75 kg
Date of BirthSeptember 18, 1950
Zodiac SignVirgo
SpouseJaved Akhtar

Shabana Azmiya has always maintained her outspoken views about the social evils in India’s society. She has frequently taken part in various social rallies and given interviews to various news channels to express her views on various issues. Shabana Azmiya has also won several Golden Globes, Satellite Awards, and other prestigious awards.

Shabana Azmiya is not just an exquisite actress but also an accomplished social activist. She has frequently participated in many anti-smoking and other campaigns, including the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign in India, AIDS and HIV campaign in the west, and other social activism activities in the east. She has always remained true to her commitment to public health. She has frequently taken part in television programs aimed at informing people about various public health issues. Most of her speeches on environmental issues are on parallel cinema and as a result have attained immense popularity.

Shabana has also been one of the most prolific and successful actresses in the Hindi film industry. She has established a name for herself as one of India’s best actresses by winning the best actress award for Gautam Ghose in the 1994 film “Nanban”. Shabana then went on to win the same award for another film titled “Chak De! India” in 1997.

Shabana is also known for her exceedingly candid interviews on different chat shows on television. Shabana frequently discusses issues related to Indian politics, women’s rights, child safety, and the environment. In fact, Shabana has been one of the most vocal critics of the Indian film industry. She has repeatedly referred to corruption in the Indian film industry and has demanded that the ban on black movies be lifted from the Bombay film festival.

Shabana as an actor has also made contributions to many social causes. She has frequently taken part in various welfare activities aimed at helping the lower and middle class of India. As an important social activist, Azmi is known for her involvement in various issues of press freedom and media activism. As a final note, Shabana as an actress has made innumerable contributions to the society through her various roles and her presence in theollywood.

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