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Shark Puppet the lively and fun little clownfish from Shark Puppet facts and Shark Puppet’s bio is a very popular character with kids of all ages. He is a member of the genus Cone Clownfish and lives in the Southern California waters in a tank by himself. He was named after the all time great entertainer and actor Patrick Swayze, who had a very close relationship with his daughter Deidre Swayze. Shark Puppet got his name from the way he moves and swims when he jumps in the water.

Shark Puppet’s popularity soared when he became the spokesperson for Shark Energy Drink. Shark Puppet made over twenty-two appearances on the popular Discovery channel over nine seasons, during which time he gained more than forty million views. His fame rose even further when he was chosen as the face of the Cappuccino commercial brand. The Cappuccino commercial was so popular that it spawned four sequels and has been shown in over two hundred countries to date.

Coming Birthday Shark Puppet trivia tells us that he got his nickname “Shark” because of the way that he swam back and forth in the water between his boat and the boat of another contestant during the filming of one of the episodes. This caused Shark to get very cold temperatures. It was therefore suggested that Shark is given a nickname. The name “Shark Puppet” stuck.

So what happened to Shark Puppet and how did he end up with such a name? An internet search turns up the following facts: In 1995, Patrick Swayze starred in the first of four Shark movies. The next two Shark movies starred Ed Harris and were released in 1997 and 1998 respectively. In 1999, Swayze again starred in the Shark movie franchise, this time with Edward James. The fourth installment of Shark movies was entitled Shark Attack, and it was directed by Gore Verbinger.

Although Swayze and his Star Wars co-stars have long since left the planet Earth, they have still made several puppet videos and decorations for the worldwide fan base. On YouTube alone, there are over one hundred and twenty videos featuring Shark Puppet. On December 13th, 2023, a year after the release of the first Shark Puppet Movie, Bridgetina posted the above video on her Facebook page along with a message reading, “I’m looking forward to our next Shark Puppet Fest. Anyone who’d like to come can just RSVP using the links below.” The event was later announced to be held in January.

Two days later, the website announcing the festival received over five thousand RSVPs. So it looks like the Shark Puppet hype is here to stay! Hopefully we will receive many more Shark Puppet videos featuring the human puppets of Shark alongside their friends. Are you guys excited for the inevitable Shark Puppet Fest in late February or early March? Let us know in the comments section.


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