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Shay Shull Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Husband, Biography

Shay Shull is an extremely popular Blogger with thousands of followers. She was born in October 1980 in Michigan, USA and her birth town is United States. Shay Shull trivia should start with the most important part of her name, Shay Shull. Shay is best known as, known most notably on her blog as Mix and Match Mama, she’s a pastry chef and cookbook author who have grown popular writing mix-match meal planner, and mix-match cakes.

Shay Shull is also a self-proclaimed Zodiac Love symbol. She is actually half Scottish and half Canadian. According to her Zodiac sign (Taurus), she has blue eyes, a silvery hair color, brown skin tone, and a touch of freckles on her nose. She has a birthday called August twentieth and is commonly referred to as Shay Shullie, or sometimes Hi sullied. Shay’s birth sign, Virgo, indicates that she values order, structure, and clear goals and plans.

As a member of the Virgo personality type, Shay has a steady mind and the ability to organize. Her mind and body measurements are 3.5 inches wide, height is about 158 cm, weight is 101.5 Kg, and she is known to be a very private person. This information on her birth sign shows that she may have a caring personality and may not be someone prone to being emotional. Shay’s zodiac sign, Taurus, also indicates that she likes a stable relationship with a person and always wants to be taken care of.

Now, on to the information on Shay Shull’s zodiac sign, Taurus. Shay has a very noticeable jaw line, large lips, long and narrow eyes, and pale skin tone. She has brown hair and wears a lot of jewelry including rings, bracelets, earrings, and a thin bangle on her right ear. Her birth sign, Virgo, indicates that she values order, structure, and clear goals and plans in life.

For those who are unfamiliar with Shay Shull, you can view her bio-page on the blog. She is currently single, raising her own children as well as working full time to support herself and her family. While raising her children, she realized that she had to do something to improve the state of her relationship with her husband. Once she made the decision to take control of her finances and live on a tight budget, it was important for her to build up her credit rating, so she could use these funds towards building up her shull net worth. In this case, she decided to utilize her blog to create financial tools and strategies to help her achieve this goal.

Popular As Shay Shull
Occupation Blogger
Age 38 years
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Born October 25, 1981 (United States)
Birthday October 25
Town/City United States

The interesting thing about Shay Shull’s story is that she used her blog to help her set up a strategic plan to raise her own children. This is the same reason why she does not only post workout videos and photos on her blog. She does this to help people set up goals and achieve them. It is easy to follow the advice on the blog and also to get great results. It takes work, but with some motivation and effort, one can achieve the body measurements that they have been dreaming of. Shay Shull has also made a personal commitment to using her blog to help others achieve their goals.

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