Singapore national day Greetings Messages 2023

Singapore national day is internationally acclaimed as Singapore’s national day. On that day, Singapore is formally handed over to the nation by the British. Singapore is the birth place of the independence movement in Singapore. For the past seven decades, Singapore has been independent and the country enjoys immense prosperity and progress as a result.

Singapore national day is celebrated on August 9 every year in commemoration of Singapore’s complete independence from Malaysia. That day boasts an elaborate National Day Parade, with the burning of effigies at mid-day ceremony, a speech by the Singapore government’s leader, and national day fireworks performances. The entire public holiday is meant to celebrate Singapore’s glorious history and beaming future. It is the only Asian country that have separate legal systems for men and women, different religions (hmailiotua and Christianity), and a system of government founded upon a single-party system. On Aug 9, all Singaporean getaways are tremendously boosted with special Singapore hotels offering exclusive Singapore national day deals.

Singapore National Day Holiday

Singapore national day celebrations to mark the day when Singapore became independent from Britain. Back then, Singapore was under the British Empire, and the people there did not have freedom to practice their religious (and other) beliefs. Thus, on that very day, on Aug. 9, the people of Singapore were given permission to enjoy their national day of freedom and exercise their right to freedom of speech and religion. Singaporeans commemorate that day by enjoying much fun filled activities on that day.

Singapore National Day wishes

Singaporean children take part in numerous activities on that happy day. While adults may attend some of the functions, the kids tend to stay away and enjoy themselves at several Singapore museums, Singapore parks, cinemas, gardens, or any of the other Singapore celebrations. The National Museum of Singapore houses some of the oldest and best collections of Asian art and antique pieces, which attract thousands of tourists every day. There is also Singapore Art Gallery, which houses an impressive collection of modern and contemporary artists. The National Museum of Singapore celebrates the ‘First World’ stage with various Singapore national day events.

  • 9. Mexican Independence Day is the day of celebration for the freedom which came after great efforts… it is the day of celebration of the spirit of patriotism. Let us come together to celebrate this day with great energy and glory. Happy Singapore Independence Day.
  • 10. Let us express our love to our country which has given us not just a land to build house, food to eat and water to drink but also citizenship to call ourselves people of a country with a glorious past. Sending the best of the wishes to you and your family on Singapore Independence Day.
  • 11. Let us celebrate the special occasion of Singapore National Day with great celebrations and high spirits and take pride in our nation.
  • 12. Wishing every a very blessed and Happy Singapore National Day…. Let us make it a memorable day full of celebrations, happiness and glory!!!!
  • 13. Let us take inspiration from the brave soldiers who brought such a special day in our lives….. Best wishes on Singapore National Day to all the employees.
  • 14. On the occasion of Singapore Independence Day, let us remember the sacrifices made by our soldiers to bring independence in our lives.

Singapore’s most famous landmark, Sentosa, is also celebrated on the Singapore national day. It is the largest island of Singapore, located on the coast of the Celebes Sea. On the event of Singapore national day, the ferry to Sentosa capsizes and hundreds of people die. A team of divers rescue the trapped people, and the ferries eventually capsize and finally ends up in the sea. Amidst this tragic accident, hundreds of Singaporeans gather at the pier, to participate in the Ferry race. The ferry race is a symbol of Singapore national day celebration, as it highlights the spirit of the country’s never ending commitment to excellence and creativity.

Singapore National Day Celebration

Apart from all these Singapore national day symbols, Singapore has many more traditions and festivals. Singapore celebrates two religious festivals – the Chinese New Year and the Easter festival. Chinese people celebrate the new year with great gaiety and excitement. Thousands of Chinese take to the streets to have their children paraded as the Chinese New Year mascot – the dragon. The festival also commemorates the arrival of the Christian monk, Confucius, who founded the Chinese language and taught Singaporeans to become cordial and hospitable.


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