Singapore National Day Images, Greetings, Messages, Quotes

It is Singapore’s national day, a special event to celebrate the country and its people. People of Singapore celebrate this day with all sorts of activities, fun and games. On this day, they tend to throw away their caps and other traditional attires. They also give importance to their culture and tradition.

Singapore National Day celebrations are incomplete without crafts. People of Singapore enjoy making handicrafts on that special day for which they are very proud. There are various national day activities and crafts ideas for Singapore citizens to show their creativity and talent to make wonderful crafts. Here are some of the best Singapore national day activities and crafts ideas for Singaporeans to enjoy on this special day.

Singapore National Day Greetings

This is an example of a simple national treasure. This piece represents Singapore’s history. The national day craft idea is to represent the Singapore history by making this silver coins that is said to have been used by the Singaporeans as money back in the old days. The legend has it that these silver coins were the only currency that the Singaporeans had. Now that this piece is made into a silver coin and is given as a present to someone, it symbolizes the spirit of Singapore and its national identity.

  • “May this day of Independence fill your life with eternal happiness and glory of prosperity…. Wishing you Singapore National Day.”
  • “I wish you a memorable Singapore National Day filled with high spirits and love for nation…. May you have a memorable day of celebrations.
  • ” Check out our wonderful collection of Pakistan Independence Day Messages so that you can send your warm wishes to your loved ones.
  • “Warm wishes on National Day of Singapore. Let us come together to take our country to new heights with our hard work.”

Singapore National Day Messages

This is one of the best national day images and crafts ideas for Singaporeans. This is an ornament that is made from artificial leaves and bamboo. It has a very unique shape that looks very artistic and beautiful. This is one of the best national crafts ideas for Singaporeans and tourists to enjoy during Singapore national day celebrations.

  • “On the occasion of Singapore National Day, let us take inspiration from our martyrs to always love our nation and work to make it a better country.”
  • “The growth and success of a nation depend on its citizens….. Let us make our country proud by doing the right things….. Happy Singapore National Day.

This is one of the best Singapore national treasure decorations gifts. This is a multi-colored national flower that represents Singapore. The national flower is the Orchid. This ornament is very pretty and is good to look at and hold. There are many national flower colors that can be chosen to make a Singaporean souvenir like this.

Singapore National Day Quotes

These are some of the best Singapore national day images and crafts ideas that you can choose to celebrate the Singaporean identity. This is just an example of how you can use images and crafts to show pride in Singapore. There are many ideas that you can choose to make your own Singaporean souvenirs. Your creativeness will really show through in your creativity when making these images and crafts so do not be discouraged.

  • “Wishing you freedom in mind and pride in the soul, faith in words and happiness in heart…. Let us salute our nation on the occasion of Singapore National Day.”
  • “Many sacrifices were made, many soldiers lost their lives so that we can live in a free and independent nation….. Best wishes on Singapore National Day.”


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